Scarlett Johansson Keeps Avengers Costume

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SCARLETT Johansson is keeping her Avengers costumes!

The Lost in Translation beauty is said to have left the Avengers set with a number of her skin-tight Black Widow costumes as a souvenir.

“Scarlett was determined to keep one of her costumes but she took a few,” says an insider on the set.

“The thing is that her suit was so tight that it would often rip but she seemed very attached to them – even the ripped ones. Maybe she wants it for fancy dress parties!”

Scarlett recently revealed that she worked hard to prepare for her role in the flick.

“The training was really tough on my body. I’m still broken! I will be having my injuries for years,” she said.

“I just see it as necessary for the role. With something like that you don’t want to turn up and find they just shoot the back of your head because you don’t look the part.

“You want the director to be able to use as much of you as they want so that’s where the training comes in. I did a lot of fight training and weights and endurance.”


  • Mario H. Casuga

    Scarlett Johansson went through a lot physically shooting her latest film, “Avengers”; yet, injuries or not she remains an amiable, no-nonsense actress who’s on her way to super stardom. A couple more blockbuster hits and she shall have secured her stake as one of Hollywood’s best.