Kate Winslet: ‘We Need The Titanic’

Thursday, March 29, 2012

KATE Winslet is adamant the re-release of Titanic is just what the entertainment industry needs to sink reality TV shows.

The Brit beauty has been busy promoting the 3-D reworking of her 1997 voyage with Leonardo DiCaprio and believes audiences will be glad for a break from the constant bombardment of fly-on-the-wall TV soaps.

“We’re entertained these days by very strange things; a lot of violence or laughing at other people’s misfortunes by way of real life soap operas and so on,” says Kate.

“With something like Titanic, and with how genuine it is, it will always capture people’s hearts I think.

“It’s a timeless classic. It’s an extraordinary true story with this wonderful love story running through it which is so pure, sincere and genuine.”


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  • AB

    Agree.  Well said, Kate.  Please, please sink those Snooki shows!

    • Mark

       regardless of how stupid Snookie shows are as well as most reality shows I’d still like to Boink her.