Dolly Parton: ‘Friends Keep me Grounded’

Friday, March 30, 2012

DOLLY Parton credits her friends and for keeping her on the straight and narrow.

The singer has revealed she could have ended up like Whitney Houston — who died of accidental drowning due to the effects of heart disease and cocaine use last month — if she didn’t surround herself with the right people.

“I’ve always had good and close friends, and a spiritual faith. God will take the wrong people and things out, and teach me to have the right people and the right things,” she said.

“Some people don’t have that, and that’s where it can go wrong.”


  • Fariborz

    fresh and hale

  • elsa

    thru the years i feel that dolly was always a person who could laugh and be natural because thats what she felt that she was. she has paid her dues over and over. her song writting and her vocal ability made her what she is today,and lots of hard work. good for her and i hope that she will sing because she likes singing and enjoys her self when she does it. she is a sweet kind women and those who know her will agree and those who dont so what.let her smile and wonderful laugh beautiful personality be as it is ,you go girl go go go.