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Robert Pattinson Too Fat For Kristen Stewart?

Posted by Adam

ROBERT Pattinson is on a diet — because girlfriend Kristen Stewart thinks he’s too fat!

The actress has apparently ordered the hunky Twilight star to hit the gym and lose some of the weight he’s gained during his time off.

“Robert’s put on nearly 10lbs eating cheeseburgers and drinking beer while he’s not been working,” a source said.

“Kristen’s told him to pull himself together. He hates the gym, so she’s encouraged him to take up paddle surfing to try and work off the excess calories.”

Rob has previously admitted to living in fear of shirtless scenes, especially when they involve his buff Twilight costar Taylor Lautner.

“I’d have to make a lifestyle change if I wanted to do shirtless acting. But it seems like every single actor in the world is doing a ‘Taylor Lautner’ scene — it’s crazy,” he said.

“They have a scene where they walk out with like a 12-pack. It’s like, ‘Really? You’re playing a normal guy! That doesn’t make any sense.’ But that’s a prerequisite of being an actor. Or you can get fat!”

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