Rihanna Laughed at Battleship

Friday, April 13, 2012

RIHANNA has revealed she burst out laughing when she heard about her role in
blockbuster movie Battleship.

The sexy star admits she was far from complimentary about her debut movie when first presented with the offer of a role.

“I met with (director) Peter Berg and I didn’t really know much about the part,” says Rihanna.

“I didn’t even know the meeting I was going into because my manager was late. Peter walked right in and said, ‘So, these are the thugs,’ and he was pointing at the little demos of the alien characters.

“There were tonnes of them and pictures all over the room. I was dying laughing because I had no idea about what he was talking about.

“It wasn’t until the end of the meeting that I realized he was the director of the film and what the film was about. But he had me in there, saying, ‘I’m going to get you motherf*****!’ Then he said, ‘Yeah, I think you’re perfect.’”