Adele Pigging Out on Food!

Friday, April 13, 2012

ADELE isn’t planing to slim down anytime soon!

The British singer is currently taking a break from the spotlight and certainly not pandering to those who think she should slim down to boost her star power.

“Adele is enjoying her time off and living life to the max,” reports a source close to the singer.

“She’s been enjoying her food and going out for meals a lot. And over Easter she ate enough chocolate to sink a ship. She’s certainly not looking to lose weight. In fact she’s making a point not to.”

Previous reports claimed the star had embarked on a fitness regime in a bid to drop two dress sizes before the summer.

“Adele has found so much more energy now she’s quit smoking. She really wants to get healthier, now that she’s half-way there,” a source said.

“She had always been curious about taking up Pilates but until recently there just hadn’t been any time.”


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