Kelsey Grammer Branded a Hypocrite

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

KELSEY Grammer changed his views on tattoos after getting his wife’s name inked on his stomach.

The actor, 57, got a tattoo of Kayte Walsh‘s first name on his waistline over the weekend — despite his previous hatred for body art, which is said to have been so strong that he warned children Mason, 10, and Jude, seven, from his previous marriage to Camille Grammer, there would be hell to pay if they ever got one themselves.

“Kelsey has always disliked tattoos and has thought getting one was low-class,” a source said.

“Kelsey has implicitly told Mason and Jude he would disown them if they ever got tattoos, even as adults. It certainly makes Kelsey look like a hypocrite because he had such strong feelings regarding tattoos.”

The former Frasier star called in to a tattoo parlor in Chicago on Saturday, where customers said Kelsey’s adoration was clear for all to see.

“Kelsey was so enamored with his wife – it was all about her,” an onlooker said.

“Kelsey was awesome and didn’t seem too bothered by the pain. He was also super polite and friendly to everyone in the shop.”