Rihanna Wants a House in The UK

Monday, April 23, 2012

RIHANNA is looking for a house in the UK.

The singer will relocate from American to London in May while she films a new fashion reality series for Sky, and has been looking for the perfect home to live in during her three-month stay.

“Rihanna is coming back to Britain to shoot her Sky Living reality show and has decided to settle down a bit while she’s over,” a source said.

“Although there may be occasional trips away she’ll be based in London. Rihanna has instructed her team to find a mansion in or around the capital.

“Earlier this year she considered buying a property in east London but now she’s looking elsewhere as she’s decided the pad will need gates to keep away superfans and photographers.

“Since she started shooting the Sky program — a search for new fashion designers — she’s got really into it and wants to commit fully. And the crew behind the show have been surprised at the effort she’s putting in.”

The 24-year-old ‘Battleship’ star is said to be a huge fan of Britain, and has been looking to put down roots for some time.

“Rihanna loves England and the British sense of humor. She has been over to the UK a number of times and loves it more and more,” a source said.

“She has looked at apartments and town houses between the Kensington and Earl’s Court districts.”


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