Will Smith Big in Mexico!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WILL Smith was shocked to discover he’s a big deal in South as well as North America.

The Men In Black star says he was surprised at how many fans he had during a recent trip to Mexico and at the reason they were following his career.

“About 20 years ago when we started the Fresh Prince of Bel Air there were a troupe of Latin American actors that translated the show,” says Will of his hit TV show of the early Nineties.

“But they didn’t just translate it directly they translated and adjusted some of the jokes that didn’t work for Latin American audience. So the Fresh Prince of Bel Air became huge in Latin American countries.

“When I went to Mexico City I had no idea it was that successful. I felt so honored by that I started taking Spanish and I just wanted to be able to communicate back how that made me feel.”

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  • nunyadang

     Note to Adam; Mexico is in North America