Angelina Jolie Wants Different Ethnic Traditions For Wedding

Thursday, May 10, 2012

ANGELINA Jolie has big plans for her wedding to Brad Pitt.

The actress is apparently keen to “incorporate different ethnic traditions” into the ceremony, as she’s keen for the nuptials to reflect the different ways people celebrate marriage, in particular the home countries of their adopted children, Cambodian Maddox, 10, Ethiopian Zahara, seven, and Vietnam-born Pax, nine.

“She wants to incorporate different ethnic wedding traditions from around the world into one alternative ceremony and event,” a source said.

“They both agree on the essentials, like the fact they want it to be a big celebration with their family and friends.

“Brad is traditional, whereas Angelina can be alternative. Brad envisioned a traditional ceremony, followed by dinner, speeches and a party.”

It was recently claimed that Angelina wants to gain 10lbs before getting married and has reportedly asked British chef Jamie Oliver to give her recipes for hearty yet healthy meals.

“Angelina has decided she’d like a more shapely figure when she weds Brad and is hoping to gain ten pounds. Brad and Angie have asked Jamie to suggest some recipe ideas for them,” a source said.

“Angie never cooks so Brad’s now coming up some English dishes like shepherd’s pie and sausage and mash.”


  • jilly

    Leave it to angie and she will f**k up the idea of wedding for the whole world.  Again, THERE IS NO WEDDING!!!  She will do some witch craft and calls it her wedding at the end.

    • CL.GARRY

      Sex with Jamie Oliver must be good

      • Marcus

         Better than what you got which is a blowup doll!!

      • CL.GARRY

        That doll asked to call her ‘Marcus’  

      • Marcus

         Poor deluded PERVERT!!!!

    • Marcus

       You know this for a fact. Angelina called you and told you this. Honey its time for you to get a life and some serious counseling!!!!

  • peacemaker

    Another crazy write up again. Another gimmick!,to boil the mind of bitches no fans. Working your imagination on their wedding plan. Just wait and see,maybe they will let you know..Okay? Live them in peace.

    • CL.GARRY