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Robin Roberts Feared Being Outed as Lesbian!

Posted by Adam

ROBIN Roberts was worried Barack Obama would out her as a lesbian.

According to a Gawker report, the ABC news anchor — who scored the President Obama gay marriage interview — wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the scoop because she thought it would bring her own sexuality to the forefront.

“Most of the discussions [among TV people] today about why Robin got the interview have to do with her being gay,” a source said.

“Not that she’s black, or friends of the Obamas.

“Obviously they picked her because she’s black and gay.

“It’s hardly a secret in the business.

“I’ve seen her girlfriend. She’s around the building all the time—very attractive and well-dressed.”[imagebrowser id=1117]

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    • David Powell

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  • Mikemoair2

    so she was worried, it didnt happen, so why is she telling us then? am i on acid and just dont know it here?

  • Anonymous

    Who Cares!!!!

    • Joeg47

      sam is gay too

      • DCguy

         Very true about Sam and his bf is black, and George is a big closet case and his marriage is for hiding behind it. He was always seen hanging around the gay watering holes in DC during his time with the Clintons

  • ArkansasMom

    Maybe a better pick of friends are in order

  • Anonymous

    Robin Roberts is the fairest of all morning show hosts. The rest (George Steph, Lauer, etc) are nothing but partisan Obama hacks. 

    • Anonymous

      Yep, she is the fairest, she only felt the “thrill again.”  That’s a quote.

      • Anonymous

        Whatever else she is, she is most certainly extremely STUPID!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Clearly she’s a liberal and Obama fan, but she seems apolitical when it comes to day to day coverage. I am talking about the aggregate and overall tempermant.

        She never attacks guests like Lauer, Stephy, etc.

  • Joel Goodman

    Another muff muncher in the public eye for the sake of Obumbler. If this bull didn’t want to be “outed” then why do the story?? Seems like a bunch of BS to me.

    • David Powell

      Because it was news and she felt her duty was to take the offer to report on what was going to be a scoop. She kept her own feelings as private as possible, which is called having discretion.

      • Craven Moorehead

        what exactly was news?  Whoever would have imagined that the most flaming liberal president that this country has ever seen would support gay marriage?  this was the announcement that literally rocked the world.  word is he had plenty of gay experiences in his past anyway. once he announces that, he will really cement that 2% gay block vote.

      • Diane Culp-Schnell

        yeah to support the “gay” must mean one must be one there skippy??? put the L back on your forehead loser

    • Diane Culp-Schnell

      women take care of each other— good that is ;)

  • Mikemoair2

    anybody remember the clintons dancing on a beach? lol

  • Homer

    Didn’t she just out herself?

  • Anonymous

    all show no geaux

  • Anonymous

    who is she anyway?

  • jason

    It sounds like she is ashamed of her choice.

  • uncle buck

    she needs to repent & ask Jesus to forgive her. What would a man give in exchange for his soul? Jesus

    • Snwr4

      You need to repent and ask God to forgive you for speaking about something that you have no personal knowledge about.Please ,just pray if you feel the need too but don’t come on these boards as Christians and profess to love God but hate your brothers.

  • Anonymous

    Why is she outing herself if she didn’t want people to know?  She’s catching the narcissist germs from Obumbles.

  • Anonymous

    it’s always funny when a nobody thinks they deserve attention

  • Shame indicates sin

    A sign of sin is shame. Never met anyone that is proud of abortion either. That said, may God Bless and forgive all sinners. I am ashamed of an abortion.

    • Snwr4

      To all of you who claim to know God and are Christians,you who are without sin throw your stones.Second,where is the love that covers a multitude of sin.Republicans you love to quote the Bible and Torah when mentioning that marriage is between a man and a woman however I have yet to hear you qoute the passages about taking care of the poor, widows, and orphans.Instead you are thinking about cutting social security.You are so critical that I wish you would all come out of the closet and state that you are using Christianity for votes.For all of you who think that shame indicates sin take a look at Charlse Manson.   

  • Community Organizer

    If your ‘friends’ can’t help you ‘out’ then who will?

  • The Martinez Report


  • Kyrie Eleison

    Add this to today’s other grand revelation that the sun is hot. My goodness anyone who’s seen her would have a strong suspicion she’s gay.

  • Anonymous

    Let me ask, who gives a rat’s ass what her sexual preference is? These people crack me up! Do they really think it all revolves around them? What narcissist! 

  • neil klopfenstein

    You know who else is widely believed to be gay? Matt Drudge. Yep, that’s right.

  • Anonymous

    the only people who care about crap like this are the Left and hard-core “Christians”  (those who claim Christianity but show the barbarism of any true believer) on the right. No one who has more than 2 neurons firing thinks this is newsworthy. What IS newsworthy is that Roberts cares, that she was afraid (of what? of lunatics on the right? or of supposedly the wonderfully tolerant left that would smile at her and stab her in the back)? Being gay and part of the mainstream media or Hollywood has been an ASSET for at least the last 40 years. So what the H was she afraid of? Over here, in reasonable person land, it’s neither an asset nor a liability. It doesn’t freaking matter at all. Above all, this whole thing is really about distracting as many people as possible from the economy which will give Obama a second shellacking from which he will not recover. All the Gods, from the Asgards to the Olympians, to the Jehovahas and the Christs and the Buddhas, and the Hindu Gods – and all the tree worshipped Gods and all the Gods prayed to by atheists and agnostics – all of them want Obama gone.I’ve talked with every single one of them, and in the What God Wants Poll, Obama gets a big fat 0 and Romney gets 25%. The other 75% have some kind of gala to attend in anticipation of Obama’s defeat. From my keyboard to the Gods’ eyes.

    • Diane Culp-Schnell

      oh crap yet another delusional freak sucking our precious air!!!!!! STFU BobVedari and go back to your idiot neo con village of sad sacks in misfit land—

  • Anonymous

    calling someone “gay” to me is like saying they are “broken” or damaged in the head

    • J Mat

      Then you need to pick up a book and read…or actually get to know some gay people. God…you people are stupid.

  • Bob

    She’s afraid that because she’s not hiding the fact she is gay she would be outed?

  • Anonymous

    ESPN didn’t send her to the Women’s Final Four because of her basketball knowledge.

    Also…the pant suit was a not-so-sly wink to the audience

  • Dcmimsycat

    totally disgusting and we have to get this abomination out of office in November so americ can get back to being great and all the gays and lesbians can go back into their closets till another dem gets elected, if ever, after this showing.

    • J Mat

      That’s real enlightened of you, moron. We aren’t going back in the closet…ever…so get used to it. And I hate Obama.

    • Kittycat

      If Romney is elected you will see another Bush Regime – the rich get richer and the nation gets poorer.  If you don’t like Obama – you will love Romney the rich.  As for me, I am just grateful Obama came between or it would be 1929-1940′s Big Depression again.

    • bunnyjumpfast

      If only people like you would go live under a rock somewhere. Oh wait, you do.

  • David Powell

    So how many people have the Obamas put under the bus in the last few months? Tons it seems.

  • Anonymous

    JUst of bunch of queers running the country. I guess I’ll hope for change and vote for Romney.

  • Guest

    Robin Roberts is not exactly in the closet. She openly attends social events in Manhattan and Washington with her partner. That’s why I’m skepitcal of this article. She has never denied her sexuality. Its not her fault that no one her asked her on camera. If they did, she wouldn’t deny it.

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    It would bring her own sexuality to the forefront.

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  • Jean22wessels


  • Jan

    I did not know this.  Robin come out.

  • endobama

    Beloved Anchor? She’s as tacky as they come!! I still can’t believe GMA put her in that position.

  • Lucy Downey

    I did not know robin was gay is she really … But beyond all that stuff I’m SOO sad her. Mom pass on for all she dealing with …. Blessing UR heart <3

  • TRBWelcome

    Yes. She is not “in the closet.” At the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame dedication some years ago, from the podium, she was quite forward about her preferences.

  • dream

    It is no secret that Robin Roberts long time girlfriend is Storm Sahara, it’s under raps because of their 23 year age difference. However that has obviously change. Pay attention people. I know this personally. Robin is a very sweet person, and very much in love. Did you ever think that maybe she wants something for herself? And she is far from being in any closet. Just because she hasn’t announced it to the world doesn’t mean she’s living a secret. Take a trip to GMA and tell me what you see. They are very open….DUH!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      who is Storm Sahara? I can’t find pics of her anywhere —i’m sure she is a very nice girl, but that name sounds ‘porn-ish’.

  • Liza

    Seriously! Like we couldn’t clearly see she was a lesbian. You never heard
    Her talk of ” a man” and never saw her in tabloids with one. It’s like
    Ellen D. …. You could see that from her very first episode of
    Her first sitcom!

  • Anonymous

    years ago, she appeared on a lgbt program honoring Martina N, and mentioned as the host how hot Martina was

  • Faedrie

    Who really cares that Robin is a lesbian … she is a fine, intelligent news reporter. I love the gal and am delighted she is feeling better after going through hell.

  • mikemoair2

    where are all the comments?

  • Anonymous

    My gosh. It would take someone living under a rock to not have been able to distinguish that little fact when she started her career at ESPN. A lot of Christians will sit in judgement, and she was only trying to avoid that. She identifies herself as a devout Christian. Well, there goes the friendship with Franklin Graham.

  • Nana

    Hello Friends!
    I have always known that Robin Robert was gay. It does not bother me at all, she is a beautiful and wonderful human being, I am very proud of her.

  • flawlesspaul

    I always thought she was a good looking {Woman} and I actually would’ve dated her if I were in her circle of friends and she accepted. I am a man and I had no clue she was gay.
    She’s classy, graceful and beautiful in my eyes.
    Can another woman see and feel the same thing that works for a man??I know love is suppose to prevail over physical attraction but I am straight and I shouldn’t have to wonder if any female I may be attractive to is looking for female companionship.
    I feel like a minority more than ever.

  • scann

    OK so today daylight hours will be less than June 21.

  • Elmo

    She just came out, so can we shut up about this now?

    By the way, that wasn’t actually a question.