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Robert Pattinson Won’t Let You See His Nipples Being Licked!

Posted by Adam

ROBERT Pattinson is a diva!

The actor apparently demanded that pictures of his nipples being licked during a recent photo-shoot were barred from publication.

The Twilight hunk got down and dirty for pictorial with French Premiere magazine. It was in honor of Pattinson’s new movie, Cosmopolis, and lasted a whopping thirteen hours.

“Rob was asked to pose bare chested with a sexy blonde model, who happened to be topless as well,” a source told Radar. “He did his best Blue Steel for the camera as the girl snaked all over his body, nibbling his earlobes, kissing his face and neck and pressing her bare boobs against him, but you could see he was uncomfortable with it.

“Rob was really torn — because the girl was stunning and he’s a bit of a cad — he was definitely having a really good time being half naked with a hot blonde with her boobs out, but then he seemed to get all nervous and started worrying that it was just going too far.

“Toward the end of the shot the photographer instructed the model to lick Rob’s nipples! That was the kiss of death — Rob called cut and went in his dressing room and made a phone call.

“But, he did come back a few minutes later to finish off the photo session, so everyone thought it was all good.”


  • GC

    Gossip Cop already confirmed with that this Radar Online story was bogus. There was not topless posing or model licking Rob’s nipples. The photoshoot was based on David Cronenberg films and there is none that he has done like that. Do your research before posting false tabloid stories Socialitelife.

  • to GC

    you got your gossip blogs wrong. this is showbizspy, not socialitelife. but yeah gossip cop did debunk this story as bogus yesterday. so bad the tabloids don’t seem to care that it never happened.