Kelly Preston Divorcing John Travolta? Not So Fast, Say Friends!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

KELLY Preston isn’t going anywhere.

Despite rumors about her husband‘s alleged extra-marital affairs and liaisons with numerous men, sources close to the star insist Preston will be standing by her man.

“Kelly has endured rumors about John’s sexuality for years,” said one insider. “She has learned to ignore them.

“She’s made of sterner stuff. She and John have been through so much together. I don’t for one second believe the rumors she wants to divorce him. Kelly’s not going anywhere.”

In recent weeks, a string of sexual harassment allegations have been lobbed against the actor.

John Doe No. 1 alleged, in court papers, the Hollywood star groped him during a massage session in Beverly Hills in January, while John Doe No. 2 claimed that Travolta rubbed his leg, touched his genitals and tried to initiate sex at a private appointment at an Atlanta hotel on January 28.

John Doe No. 1 and attorney Okorie Okorocha parted ways Friday and withdrew their suit after Travolta presented contradictory evidence. However, he may still pursue his case against the actor having hired a new attorney, Gloria Allred.

“We believe that the lawsuit should be filed in another court and, therefore, the lawsuit that was on file was dismissed without prejudice,” Allred told CNN.

“We will be conferring with our client regarding what will happen next in this case.”

Last year, it was claimed Travolta tried to seduce a waiter during a night out with Preston.

American tabloid the National Enquirer reported at the time that, “When John learned his studly server was an aspiring actor, he asked what projects he’d worked on, who represented him, etc. – and then flashed that award-winning smile and asked, ‘Could you give me your phone number? I might be able to help you out’.”

The report says the waiter handed Travolta a pen and they chatted a good 10 minutes as the star jotted his info and promised to phone.

“The waiter told me it really bothered him that Kelly never even looked up at him — not once!” a source said.

Back in 2010, Travolta’s longtime pal Carrie Fisher seemed to out the star as gay.

In an interview with gay mag The Advocate, Fisher discussed Travolta’s sexuality and why she thinks he’s still in the closet.

“Wow! I mean, my feeling about John has always been that we know and we don’t care,” she said of the sexuality speculation.

“Look, I’m sorry that he’s uncomfortable with it, and that’s all I can say. It only draws more attention to it when you make that kind of legal fuss. Just leave it be.”

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mail, Travolta tried to give his Grease costar Jeff Conaway oral sex while he was sleeping.

According to Conaway’s former fiancée Vikki Lizzi, Travolta tried to perform the act at Conaway’s home in the 1990s.

She said that her partner, who played Kenickie in the 1978 hit movie, was so upset with the incident it ended his long-term friendship with the star.

She said Conaway, who appeared in Grease on Broadway with Travolta before the pair were cast in the film, made the claim in a suicide note.

It was left, she said, after a failed bid to kill himself in 2006. He died last May, aged 60, from complications of pneumonia.

She also alleged that Conaway said Travolta, 58, Preston were locked in a sham marriage.

“Jeff told me that John and Kelly’s marriage was an arrangement,” she said.

“Jeff said that Kelly knows that John is gay, and that’s why she’s OK with it.”

Another source alleged in Star magazine that Preston signed a contract with Travolta when they were wed, though the source did not know its details.

But Kelly remains un-fazed.

“Even if John is gay,” the insider said, “she still loves him and he has her unconditional support.”



  • Johnnie Vercuil

    That is some LADY. John Travolta would be a bloody fool to divorce her. He will be her puppy-dog for life, because he knows what he has in her.

    • ThetaBait

      what He Has Is a CULT like devotion

      Hes L Ron Hubbards Hound Dog..

    • Debra

      A partner in crime?  How can she just look the other way while he does his dirty business right in front of her.  I feel sorry for her.  He is a creep.  

  • Martababa

    The truth is that I really admire this woman. A lot has to love her husband to follow him, and more with this fall!.

    • Debra

      She needs to open her eyes and smell the pile of shit. 

  • Guest

    IF John is gay or bi or likes monkeys it’s between HIM and Kelly–NOT US!! NOT our business.

    WHY even ‘report ont hsi crap??

    Is this nation filled with bigoted gossips?? How shameful!

    • Debra

      Shame on him.  How disrespectful of someone you are supposed to love.   

  • Guest

    Ew–’…on this…’ sorry.

  • Thatdamredhead

    Who really cares anyway?  He is a great actor! 

    • James

      A “great actor”? LOL, please don’t put Travolta in a “great actor” category. He’s no Al Pacino or Sean Penn! Now THEY are “great actors”!

    • Debra

      Everyone cares if someone acts like a dooch bag.  It matters. 

  • Debra

    Someone should tell her that there is more to life than being married to your best friend.  Poor girl doesn’t know what real love is. If he loved her, he would show some respect to her and not be trying to have sex with everyone and their dog.  Sad.  Such a beautiful woman and he is such a gross creep. 

  • Debra

    Kelly has turned a blind eye to how creepy this guy has gotten through the years. 

  • Beth Beckering

    Kelly Preston is under hypnosis. She is going to get what she deserves. She thinks that just because she married a man of money that she will be safe. Somebodys will be around when they jet every where and somebodys will have a down fall this time around. I have put up with their crap for 12 years and am tired of it. His plane need to be remote controlled away from that scientology center. His children not hers are going to fall to if they continue this wicked way. Money does not bring a long life. Look at Jet their son the one and only son that she ever had. He is not here! That living proof right there. I hope the true God will put some fear into their God forsaken lives. What comes around goes around. This religion causes car accidents maybe someday it will come back on them.

  • Dixie Normous

    I would like to sodomize Kelly Preston.

  • Jana Roth Hamann

    First of all none of you commenting on here know if any of this about John Travolta and Kelly Preston is true because you dont know them that well. Also it’s in tabloid gossip magazines that print false info about actors and actresses all the time. Now even if it is teue why do you and why shouldyou care anything about it when it has 100% nothing to do with you or your ife of how John is as an actor. If he is gay (which i don’t believe because i dont believe one word in those gossip tabloid magazines) i don’t care because it has nothing to do with how he is as an actor rand nothing to do with my life. Also how do the people writing these articles get all this private info like how he is with other people or that he beat his son as one gossip magazine has said. There was never any proof that he beat his son so how do we know. Also remember reading in the article here that the guy he supposedly touch during a massage dropped the suit. Now if it was true he wouldn’t have dropped the suit in anyway. yes he did get another lawyer but he originally dropped the suit and if this case was true why did he do that because it is just his way to get money from some rich actor. Even if any of this is true I Do Not Care because it is his life let him do with it as he pleases. I mean if any of us here were gay and hiding it or beat your kids or touched someone of the same sex in a massage it would not be on the news on in gossip magazines or on the internet and nobody would care so weather its true or not i don’t know i don’t care leave the man and his family completely alone. I mean if someone talked rumors about you like this and the world read it heard it saw it would you like it and would you likeyour entire private life open and read like a book?

  • Tuffnavigator

    MONEY thats why she is there! its ok but she was willing to have kids into this sham of a marriage! NASTY really whore

  • Voc

     Like you know anything! Did your mom not tell you she loved you growing up! Idiot

  • jilly

    Why is she the NASTY one?  He is the one who is attacking guys while getting a massage!  Her fault would be closing her eyes on everything and have more kids with him.  Set him free and let him be who he needs to be.

  • James

    John Travolta being a closet queen is doing a disservice (and harm) to young gay & lesbian kids. Travolta living a lie by living with Kelly Preston and denying that he’s gay is sending a message! That message is that being gay is bad and something to be ashamed of! The idea is put into gay & lesbian youth that getting married and playing the “straight show” (living a lie) is the way to go!

  • Debra

    I doubt that anyone is ever going to look back on their relationship as being a great love story.  The whole relationship between the two of them just seems sick and twisted.