John Travolta to Pay Off Accuser

Thursday, May 31, 2012

JOHN Travolta is ready to pay to make his problems go away.

According to a new report, the actor is in talks to agree a settlement with one of the men who accused him of sexual battery.

“John Travolta’s lawyer is currently in settlement talks with one of the accusers,” a source said. “The goal is to have a settlement reached very quietly and quickly because John just wants this scandal to go away.

“No money has been paid yet, but it’s almost a done deal. It will be an out of court settlement and John Travolta’s name won’t even be in the agreement to ensure complete confidentiality, along with a clause that states if the man ever goes public with his story, he will be sued for at least twice the amount of the settlement.”

The accuser currently in negotiations with John’s team claim he was groped by the actor within the last two years, which is within the limitations of being able to file a civil lawsuit, which he is prepared to do if a settlement isn’t reached.

“If the accuser who is in talks with John’s lawyer right now is unable to reach a settlement, he is absolutely prepared to file a lawsuit against him,” said the source.

“The man isn’t intimidated by John’s celebrity status and just wants the actor to be held accountable for his actions.”


  • jilly

    Isn’t paying the accusers to go away, admitting that he’s done it?  Poor Kelly!  I don’t know why she puts up with him.