Olivia Wilde: ‘Chris Hemsworth is a Love God’

Thursday, June 7, 2012

OLIVIA Wilde says Chris Hemsworth is just as superhuman as a lover as he is an Avenger.

Hollywood beauty Olivia is currently shooting Rush, Ron Howard‘s biopic of motor racing legend Niki Lauder with Chris playing his playboy rival James Hunt.

“Chris is amazing in this,” says Olivia who plays one of his conquests. “Chris has more love scenes in this movie than he’ll have in all the movies for the rest of his career.

“It’s incredible. I don’t know how he does it!”

Olivia recently admitted being a man magnet has affected her acting career.

I was very sexually mature at a very young age,” she said.

“I was very comfortable with it and talking about it, and once someone hears a young woman speak candidly about sexuality, it’s like, ‘Whoa!’ You get labelled.”