Emma Stone Worries About Dying

Monday, June 11, 2012

EMMA Stone has a fear of death.

The actress admits she constantly worries about dying.

“I’m close to my mortality, not in a freaky way but constantly. I feel hyperaware that everything could end. That’s always been in my mind, for whatever reason, since I was very small,” she said.

“I was in therapy for two years as a kid. As someone with anxiety you’re constantly waiting for the next attack.

“I think I tend to worry more when things are good. I know those things will change.

“Honestly, the only thing that gives me any release is knowing what I have the power to say. If I never address anything, how much can anyone ever really know the truth.”

Emma recently revealed that she’s “addicted” to reading about herself in newspapers and magazines.

“I’m not one of these people that must disassociate themselves from it or has to cut it off. Other than I get addicted to it, so I have to do it in moderation!” she said.

“I get addicted to the internet. I have a twitter account. I look at it a lot but I don’t tweet. I’d be terrified that I’d say something and never be able to live it down.”


  • me

    maybe she wont die. ?

  • Josh

    We all will, find some resolution and get over it.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody  is afraid of death, when it comes right down to it. Religion helps people to deal with it, thinking there is an afterlife. But for us nonbelievers, it’s possibly worse. Remember the prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. That is the SCARIEST thing to teach a small child. I’ve been obsessed with dying in my sleep ever since.

    • notlost

      Religion helps but religion isn’t the answer, many that believe God exists wish that God would speak to them or to reveal Himself, one of the best ways God does that is by reading the bible, from beginning to end.  So many out there only take small portions of the bible and come up to erroneous conclusions.  God (Son, Father and Holy Spirit) tells us (body, soul and spirit) that sin is the cause of our death and that we really fall asleep until rapture for those who fell asleep in Christ, believers will then be resurrected in a new body to once again clothe their spirit and soul.
      At the second coming of our Lord Jesus He will reign for a millenium and then for the ones that fell asleep(died) and rejected Christ will also be resurrected to face judgement and be forever condemned to hell  separated from God.
      Not everyone is afraid of death, it can be a welcome thing for people that have repented of their sins and in faith believe that Jesus died for their sins and resurrected defeating the real death which is eternal separation from God, or for terminally suffering patients and even suicidal people welcome death.  So our fears are not the same.
      Marlane, I’ll be praying for you to have eyes to see and ears to hear God’s calling you to Himself and awaken your spirit to have an eternal relationship with our Creator.  
      Note: religion is reaching out to God through works and it is an unattainable goal, you will never reach God.  I stay away from religion, it demands the impossible from us, you never get to know if you’ve done enough to earn your salvation nor can anyone guarantee you are saved, to me that is a curse on anyone’s head!

      Having a relationship with God is accepting the work God already did for us on the cross leaving nothing for us to do to earn it, we can only repent of our sins and accept His payment for us with Holy blood.   God bought us with Holy blood (priceless!) and gave us the freedom to go with Him or if we choose, to go with the world.  There’s a cost to our freedom, it cost His Son’s life so we can make a choice to accept it or to ignore it, either way, our choice comes with eternal consequences.