Rachael Ray on Success

Monday, June 18, 2012

RACHAEL Ray realized she had made it when she could afford good shoes.

The TV cook told America’s Life & Style that success has changed her life.

“Good shoes,” Ray said when asked when she knew she’d made it.

“Groceries without my hand shaking while scanning the debit card. When I didn’t have to decide if I was going to put back the steak or the toilet paper.

“I was in a $575-month-rent-to-own for a long time.”

Her craziest interaction with a fan?

“I always think it’s weird when people talk to you in the toilet between stalls. I always find that a little unusual,” she said.

“Then you get out of the stall, and I am like, “I need a minute to wash my hands. Let’s wash up first, shall we!” Success