Ann Curry Being Fired From TODAY?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ANN Curry is being replaced on the TODAY show.

The TV star — who only replaced Meredith Vieira last year — will soon be fired in favor of a new co-host for Matt Lauer.

Curry, 55, worked at the news desk since March 11, 1997 and was promoted to co-host in June 2011 when Vieira left the NBC show.

According to The New York Times Media Decoder, ratings have been down for TODAY and NBC officials have talked with Curry about finding her a different job. They also reportedly want to make a decision on Curry’s position before the Summer Olympics begins in late July.

Lauer, 54, signed a new long-term contract with TODAY in April to remain co-anchor. In April, Ryan Seacrest officially signed a two-year deal with NBC Universal to be a “special correspondent” on the show.


  • walter

    Nice lady. Good newsreader. Lousy host.

  • Emguilbe

    I love her! Better than the ladies from Good Morning America!  I tune in to see who she’s speaking with!  I think she should stay with the spanish one.  Those two!  Get with the population of America! 

  • Kallamkiv

    she is fired because she is asian

  • Terim5051

    i think its bullshit… everyone loves her. its sooooooooooooooooooo wrong………… just all of a suden the ratings went down its not her fault… she is really getting the bad end of the deal….. NOT FAIR

    • sarah

       not everybody loves her by the way.

  • J-wolf48

    Maybe the ratings would go back up if NBC got rid of the two lushes  Hoda & Kathy Lee !!

  • Raji

    I love Ann Curry!  She has very srong voice and is a great host.

  • don’tletthedoorhityou

    it took them long enough.  She is hard to watch.
      Ann may be nice, but she is an embarrassment to The Today Show as a host.
      At work we talk about all the stupid mistakes, goofy expressions and inappropriate responses that Ann made that morning on the show.

    • sarah

       Agree 100% 
      Ann Curry is hard to watch most of the time.  Fun to goof on, but hard to watch

  • Nikki

    I used to watch the Today Show regularly, but have stopped because they have so much about celebrities and reality show stars, all that nonsense. I have better things to do with my time than watch that. 
    I always thought Ann Curry was a good interviewer.