Vanessa Paradis Getting $200 Million From Johnny Depp?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

VANESSA Paradis will receive a mammoth payout from Johnny Depp.

According to reports, the actress will bag around $200 million from the actor — with whom she raises two children — now that they’ve split.

Johnny, 49, is expected to make the huge one-off payment to Vanessa, 39, to keep their relationship amicable, rather than go through a messy court battle.

“If the couple had been married, Mr Depp’s wife would have been able to simply claim 50 per cent, child support payments and alimony,” said Hollywood lawyer Robert Naschin.

“However, because they are not married this does not apply. The partner would have to file a civil suit and go to court.

“Litigation is expensive and could run into extremely high figures. This won’t be a monthly payment plan — he will make a lump sum payment as a settlement.”