Bobbi Kristina Houston Hates Step Mom

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BOBBI Kristina Houston didn’t attend her father Bobby Brown‘s wedding — because she hates his partner.

The 19-year-old daughter of the singer and his late ex-wife Whitney Houston missed the June 18 nuptials to Alicia Etheridge.

“Bobby Brown was desperate for her to go to his recent wedding, but she would not return his calls,” a source said.

“Bobby got a go-between to contact Bobbi Kristina to try and persuade her, but she told them she was not going because she did not like Alicia, and that she was [busy] filming her reality show with [aunt] Pat Houston in New York.”

The source added that Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Pat — Whitney’s sister — is doing her best to pose as a parental figure.

“She’s trying to act like a mother figure. Pat does not like Bobby Brown and was pleased that Bobbi Kristina did not go to the wedding, as she feels that her father will always try and take advantage of her,” said the source.


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  • Nycollecasandra

    I liked .. I favor Bobbi kristina .. God bless you beautiful .. I’m in your favor bobbi kristina

  • Princess P.

    I don’t blame Bobbi Kristina for not wanting to go.  She will mourn the loss of her mother for a long, long time.  It’s seems Bobby Brown should make more of an attempt to help her heal,  as her father.  Not continually trying to invite her into his happiness.  Bobbi K lost her mother and she probably feels hurt that her Mom is not around.  Bobby Brown should be more sensitive. 

  • Perrylp_12

    This is so sad!  It’s ashame that the relationship with her father and stepmom is failing.  In a time when you are mourning, it really does help when you have family that love you.  The apparent bad blood separating Bobbi from her father needs to end.  Whatever the problem is, I wish you all love, peace and forgiveness.  With those 3 things, Bobbi’s will be restored.  Nothing will fill the void of the loss of Whitney, but time will ease the pain!

  • Ce’Tara Jones

    His Wife looks a Fuckin mess