Kate Middleton and Prince William Left Furious!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PRINCE William has been left furious after finding out his father Prince Charles stabbed him in the back!

According to a bombshell report from America’s Globe magazine, Charles has apparently convinced Queen Elizabeth not to make William the next king.

“The shocking decision left his wife, Kate Middleton, heartbroken,” a source said.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that Kate has reportedly spent around $50,000 on high-end and couture clothing since the beginning of the year.

“The Duke and Duchess have attended a couple of black tie events recently but there will continue to be more daytime and low-key engagements in future which will involve her wearing appropriate lower cost,” a source said.

“The Duchess has barely put a foot wrong since she got married so why does she need anyone to do it for her?

“Catherine has an innate sense of style and, almost as importantly, knows what is appropriate for the occasion.

“She might not choose the most cutting edge designers, but she know what looks good on her and that’s what counts.

“Plus she is acutely conscious that she is not yet a full-time working royal and feels it is pretty pointless, as well as extravagant, to have her own dresser.”

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  • Trixi_trx

    The Queen doesn’t decide who will be the next king! Unless Charles abdicates, it was always going to be him, and then William upon his death and not any time sooner than that and everyone has always known that. This article is nonesense.

    • Emmie Faison

      Who care’s Who become King! I really hopes you all get that camilla parker bowles for queen then she will show herself! and I really think some of you all deserve her GOOD LUCK!

    • Anonymous

      Queen Elizabeth has set about changing the existing lawful process so that she can name William as King before his son is one year old.
      William and Kate will bring fresh and wholesome look to the throne!!!!

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    There will continue to be more daytime and low-key engagements in future
    which will involve her wearing appropriate lower cost,” a source said.

  • Diane

    Kates still has her college style. Now at 31 it’s time to get a manageable style like Diana.Beautiful hair but it flies all over the place & she is always grabbing it. Sometimes it looks stringy. She always looks better with it tied back away from her face.

    • Emmie Faison

      Is the weather good over there! I hope so have a good new year. THANK YOU

  • Diane

    Latest book on Kate & William states that Diana started dating James Hewitt 4 months after she had William. Harry looks like James not the Spencer’s although they have red hair. If that isn’t true the author would be liable.

    • Emmie Faison

      lier,lier!lier! big lier! big big big lier

    • Alex127

      Harry takes after Charles even more so than William.

  • Alex127

    I do not think there is a reason for William or Catherine to be furious. The laws governing the rules of succession to the British throne are well known to the royal members of the family. Thus, unless Charles abdicates, William will be the king, if not then Charles will be. There is no need for any fuss about this. The throne will change hands as the laws regulate.

    • Elmo

      For your information, there is even now a rumor going around that Charles has been bypassed and William will be the next king. I think there is a chance that the current queen will outlive Charles anyway.

      • Alex127

        Again, Charles can be bypassed only in the event he abdicates in favor of William. Obviously, by the laws of nature, there is a possibility that the queen outlives Charles, or even William, and so on. You never know what happens and what turn the life takes.