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Emma Stone Hints at Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

Posted by Adam

EMMA Stone has hinted there’s going to be a sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man.

The actress has revealed she’ll probably be teaming up with beau Andrew Garfield for a second installment.

“Uh, yeah, we’re going to make another Spiderman…I think, so…” she told HollyScoop before reportedly being whisked away by her publicist.

Stone recently admitted she constantly worries about dying.

“I’m close to my mortality, not in a freaky way but constantly. I feel hyperaware that everything could end. That’s always been in my mind, for whatever reason, since I was very small,” she said.

“I was in therapy for two years as a kid. As someone with anxiety you’re constantly waiting for the next attack.

“I think I tend to worry more when things are good. I know those things will change.

“Honestly, the only thing that gives me any release is knowing what I have the power to say. If I never address anything, how much can anyone ever really know the truth.”


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  • Elmo

    Just saw amazing spider man… She did an amazing acting job and is an excellent actress!