Katie Couric Has Three Shows to Prove Herself!

Monday, July 9, 2012

KATIE Couric doesn’t have long to prove herself.

The newswoman’s new TV show debuts in September and, according to reports, Couric only has three episodes to make the program a hit, said New York Post gossip column Page Six.

“Day 1, everybody tunes in. Day 2, it’s those watching a second time plus whoever missed the first program. By Day 3, the tinkering begins, but to suits in those offices if the ratings aren’t solid gold, it’s already all over,” the paper said.


  • Bbwrmheart

    No pressure there, right guys?  Good grief, three shows to prove herself! After all the years that Katie has entertained all of us, there’s a possibility she could get the ax on the fourth day??  Come on, suits…get real! You spend all of that money getting the new show ready and then give a three-show deadline?  You’re setting the poor woman up for failure, when you should know (from past experience) that it takes a little time to secure a faithful audience! I’ll be watching!! You can count on it!! You go, Katie!!