Tom Cruise: His Primary Concern is Suri

Monday, July 9, 2012

TOM Cruise just wants to see his daughter.

According to TMZ, the actor has made it clear that Suri is the deal-maker and the deal-breaker in his divorce with Katie Holmes.

The website says Katie and Tom’s respective lawyers are trying to come to agreement. Cruise has reportedly insisted that the settlement provide “meaningful, significant contact with his daughter.”

“Suri s the primary concern in his life,” a source said.

“Lawyers for both sides have been meeting for hours a day. They they even met for a full business day on Saturday. They are not just trying to hash out a temporary truce, these are settlement negotiations for the entire divorce.

“Both sides are negotiating custody, visitation, support and property settlement.

“Negotiations are still in flux” and it’s possible things could fall apart.”


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  • PrimaryConfused

    I wonder how Isabella and Connor feel about  Suri being Tom’s primary concern?