Miley Cyrus is Mental Cleansing

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MILEY Cyrus is stressed out!

According to Hollywood Life, the teen star — who recently announced her engagement to beau Liam Hemsworth — is  undergoing “mental cleansing”.

“She’s just got a lot going on right now and wants to be…in a positive frame of mind. I’m not sure if this is because she’s working out more or stressed,” a source said.

I don’t [think] she’s stressed, but she’s just been in a really relaxing place…cleaning her mind.

“I know you want to know but her wedding, but seriously, dude, there isn’t anything I know about it now.”

Recent reports claimed Miley flies her personal trainer to wherever she is in the world.

The star is said to shell out around $25,000 a month in order to maintain her figure.

Miley, 19, pays her trainer $200 per hour but when she travels, she flies him first class so she can exercise whenever she wants.

“I don’t mind flying him wherever I am. It’s worth every cent. I never thought I could look like this,” Miley reportedly said.