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Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield Hate Each Other!

Posted by Adam

ROBERT Pattinson and Andrew Garfield are at war with each other.

According to Us Weekly, the pair CAN’T STAND each other!

“The truth is, Andrew can’t stand Rob,” a source said.

“Andrew hates that they’re put in the same category because they’re both English and around the same age.

“They don’t enjoy hanging out.

“Andrew considers himself a ‘serious actor’ and sees Rob as the equivalent of a cheesy boy bander because of Twilight.

“Both like intense parts and go after the same roles. They’re just naturally competitive.”

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  • Toby

    You gotta be shitting me, he said that!
    I was watching Garfield a couple weeks ago, on a talk show, and came away thinking what a little puckey pill he was, but would never say anything negative, because to each his own demeanor, and style.
    Now he comes out and verbally attacks Robert? Out of jealousy, and resentment?
    Pleeeeeze, he could not carry Robs jock strap, when irt comes to ability, humility, and good natured fun….Robs a class act, and he is an upper suburbun snob boy!