Bruce Springsteen Hires Guard For His Fender Esquire

Saturday, July 14, 2012

BRUCE Springsteen obviously has money to burn!

The rocker has apparently hired  a security guard for his Fender Esquire ahead of tonight’s Hard Rock Calling.

Bruce headlines the second night of the festival.

“Obviously Bruce’s guitar means a lot to him so he’s got the instrument a dedicated guitar guard,” a source told Britain’s Daily Star.

“Security is paramount to Bruce so he’s also asked that a dog sweeps the site three times a day before he arrives and once during the performance. But he doesn’t want any uniformed security to be in front of the stage or on the stage at any time.

“Bruce’s compound must have 18 separate rooms for his E Street Band and crew, a family room, playroom, warm-up room and a stretching studio.

“His own space will be filled with 12 candles and lavender incense. His wife Patti Scialfa is getting her own backstage digs with soya milk, green tea and energy supplements.”

The crew, including Bruce, 62, will have dinner together before taking the stage. And it’ll be like a festive celebration.

“A traditional turkey dinner for 90 has been ordered with turkey breast, mash potatoes, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce and mixed vegetables – but specifically no sweetcorn,” said the source.

“Real silverware must be used as Bruce feels plastic cutlery is unacceptable.”


  • Salahuddin Farishta

    If you like Springsteen check out Joshua and the Ghost at The Rugged Gent. Two albums you can listen to for free there.