Kristen Stewart Wants More Twilight!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

KRISTEN Stewart is dishing on the end of Twilight!

The actress — who plays Bella in the movie franchise — described the end of the series as “bittersweet”, adding she would “love to go back if asked”.

“It’s funny. If you told me we had to do reshoots tomorrow I’d start giggling from happiness. I’d love to go back,” she said.

And Kristen insists she doesn’t mind about just being associated with the vampire series.

“It’s the hugest compliment. People who call me the Twilight girl and mean it… please, pigeon-hole me. That means I did it right,” she said.



  • robertpattson for ever

    and the funs wants anther movie too

    • blueN

       yeah, and i want to throw a dictionary at your face too…

  • a Little Bird

    “Oh dad, NOT Panic Room, so lame!
    “What!”     I just watched that movie 3 weeks ago, I love it.
    Not too many dads get to see their daughters in action when they are young, I think she is his little girl……..Good stuff.