Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Married?

Monday, July 16, 2012

RYAN Reynolds and Blake Lively are now man and wife — according to a police report.

Sources close to the Hollywood hunk have confirmed a blundering policeman had actually made an error when he filled out the paperwork.

TMZ reports the document was created after an officer attended their posh $2m Bedford Hills, New York on July 8 following a complaint by Ryan that he was being followed by a photographer.

It says, “Upon arrival, I spoke to Ryan Reynolds and his wife,” with the name of the individual in question blanked out.

“They explained that this (blank) colored vehicle was was observed outside their residence, and proceeded to follow their vehicle in an erratic manner.

“They believed that this individual was a photographer attempting to obtain pictures of them.

“Mr. Reynolds and his wife were advised to contact police should any persons enter their property.’

While rumors have been circulating for months the couple — who started dating in October last year, following the Gossip Girl star’s high profile trysts with Leonardo DiCaprio — have become engaged, they have yet to be officially confirmed.

Recent reports claimed Ryan has been writing love notes for Blake.

“He writes personalized sonnets to Blake via email and handwritten letters,” a source said. “When he travels and is away from her, he is constantly serenading her with poems and love letters.

“He loves sending her excerpts of his favorite quotes. Blake thinks it’s so romantic.

“I want to be with a guy who’s going to better my quality of life and better me.”

“Scarlett was always embarrassed and thought Ryan was silly when he did this. Blake is the complete opposite — she saves everything.”