Michael Clarke Duncan Heart Attack Latest: Hollywood Star Said to be on The Mend

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MICHAEL Clarke Duncan is on the mend following his recent heart attack.

The 325 pound actor went into full cardiac arrest early Friday morning and his girlfriend Omarosa did heroic CPR and re-started his heart.

But sources say Clarke — who has been on a respirator at the hospital since his admission — “is fighting like a mutha” and “breathing above the respirator”.

According to TMZ, tests were performed Monday and doctors determined Michael has a “very strong heartbeat” and they are optimistic.

Michael, 54, has been sedated ever since his heart attack and doctors aren’t sure what his condition will be. The worst case scenario could involve paralysis, although that’s looking less likely.

Doctors have no immediate plans to take Michael off the respirator.

“An army of people are caring for him,” a source said.