Johnny Depp Glad to be Away From Vanessa Paradis

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

JOHNNY Depp has been telling pals he has a new lease on life following his split from Vanessa Paradis.

Sources say the actor is relieved to be out of his relationship with the French actress, with whom he raises two children.

“Johnny has been saying that he is immensely relieved to finally be out of the relationship with Vanessa, he feels like the weight of the world is off his shoulders,” a source told RadarOnline.

“As they were splitting up and only those close to them knew about it Johnny was struggling with keeping his life hidden. He was out partying too much, friends were worried about his drinking and he was starting to get out of control. Once he and Vanessa admitted that their relationship was over he was able to loosen up and not wallow in misery.

“Johnny wants to move on with his life, he’s happy dating other women and he’s able to do so freely now. His relationship with Vanessa was so bad at the end and now he’s happy again. He’s relieved that it is over and he can move on.”

Previous reports claimed Paradis has ordered Depp to keep his alleged new girlfriend Amber Heard away from their children.

Vanessa, 39, was devastated by news of her longtime love’s relationship with the bisexual beauty — and is now preparing to wage a full-scale palimony battle for her share of his $350 million fortune.

“Vanessa might be putting on a brave face in public, but she’s absolutely distraught,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“There’s no amount of money that can take away her agony as the full picture of what actually went down with Amber slow­ly emerges.

“Right now, she’s angry and humiliated and not seeing things straight, but everyone believes her when she says she’ll never forgive Johnny for walking out on his family.

“Vanessa doesn’t want Amber anywhere near the kids. Obviously, she’s told Johnny her wishes, but rumors are flying that Johnny’s so obsessed with Amber that she gets away with murder. He’s even fired two of his assistants in the past four months for not keep­ing up with her demands.

“When it comes to his rela­tionship with Amber, Johnny doesn’t care who he hurts – least of all Vanessa.”[imagebrowser id=1072]



  • jilly

    Wish you luck Johnny!  I don’t think Amber is going to last but staying in a bad relationship is really hard and be happy that you had enough courage to do what’s best for you and eventually your kids. 

  • Mujer Codiciosa

    Weird combination of stories, Showbiz. Vanessa’s always been about prestige & money. First she claimed she deserved tons of money because she “sacrificed her career” for the what she obviously assumes is the “drudgery” of having to spend time with their 2 lovely children. Since it’s been revealed that during their relationship she’s been busy with more films, CDs, concerts & modeling gigs than the average single actress/singer/model, she’s now switched to claiming she was “humiliated” that he left her. Maybe she shouldn’t have driven him out of their home & away from their children 2 yrs ago. Maybe she should have bothered to present herself as the attractive partner of one of the richest, most admired actors in the world rather than let herself be photographed the last couple of yrs walking around LA in hideous clothes, messy hair & the heavy makeup she needs these days.

  • Miss Life

    This man is obsessed and met the devil of his old 50years of age…He doesn’t see it yet. Life will teach him its lesson…The young and beautiful Amber is soon gonna grow out of all this BS…Money and fame don’t buy true happiness.
    I just hope Vanessa Paradis doesn’t waste too much time hating him…Forgiveness is hard. It will be possible with time…Let go young lady. I understand your bitterness, but you will be free soon of the narcissist Johnny, who is climbing to his illusionary throne as fast as the wind, but will fall into the snares of drugs, alcool and sex…Let him be free, and you will liberate your existence of his insanity. 

  • One deer land

    Very nice to see you smile, Mr. Depp. D’lited all’s well now.

  • Andrea Valenzuela

    No one split up with their partner, expecting to be as “miserable” as he was in couple…so it’s normal to feel relieved (if it was a bad relationship as it’s been said about the Depp-Paradis at the end of their story)

  • Cherry Red

    what a bull sh*t article. even my 4 year old would be able to tell this is made up. reminds me of grade 6.

  • Just Thinking

    The quitter often accuses the other of being the nasty, boring one.Give a dog an ill name and he’ll soon be hanged…

  • Hannah-2002

    I greatly admire Johnny, he is one of the greatest actors in the world, saying that buying things for Amber is so wrong you can’t buy love, I think Ambers just enjoying the attention of the sexiest man alive.
    In a way I feel sorry for Vanessa because a bad relationship should be sorted out quickly especially with children and getting involved with someone when your still in a relationship is still cheating….even if they only got together after the split it’s still pretty quick.
    In my opinion it’s just a rebound he’s newly single and loving the attention of a younger woman but with his heavy drinking habit and new women I reckon this could be his breaking point :/