Tom Cruise is Shattered!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TOM Cruise is still reeling from Katie Holmes’ shock divorce filing.

According to People magazine, when Katie filed for divorce on June 28, Tom “was thinking, ‘What did I not see?’” a source said.

Cruise also found his month-long separation from 6-year-old daughter Suri — which finally ended when the pair reunited on July 17 in New York City — hard to deal with.

“He’s wanted to see her as fast as possible since this started,” a source, who cites Cruise’s obligation to his sci-fi thriller Oblivion as the main obstacle.

“He couldn’t shut down production, cost people their jobs. People count on him.

“Tom is not ashamed of his beliefs, and won’t hide them from his daughter.”

Recent reports claimed Tom chats with Suri on Skype.

“It’s all part of the divorce settlement that Tom be allowed to video chat with Suri. Likewise, when Suri is with Tom, Katie can video chat with her,” a source said.

“Tom and Katie were advised that this could be a very useful tool to help Suri with the adjustment of her parents getting divorced. Tom and Suri have been video chatting and Tom just lights up when her face appears on the computer screen.

“Tom and Suri also communicate on the telephone and there is no limit on the contact for either parent. If Suri wants to talk to Tom she will call him, with help of course.

“The bulk of their divorce settlement deals with the custody agreement which is extremely detail oriented. Over 75% of the settlement documents deal with Suri and the custody agreement.

“There are provisions and clauses about which parent Suri will spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and her birthdays with. One of the most important clauses of the settlement is that NEITHER parent can talk negatively about the other in front of Suri and this includes anything about each parent’s respective religion.

“This was a crucial part of the custody agreement and something that both Tom and Katie wanted included. The custody settlement essentially puts both parents on notice that their personal feelings about each other can’t influence or harm Suri in any way and puts her needs first.”

Meanwhile, sources say Tom is still fuming over Katie’s betrayal and gearing up for the real fight — a no-holds barred battle against Katie for the soul of their daughter.

“Tom will do whatever it takes to make sure he come out on top,” a source told America’s Star magazine.

“Everything is going on the line — the homes, the jets, the money in the bank. He’s worth $250 million, and he’s made it clear that he’s willing to spend every last cent fighting for Suri.”[imagebrowser id=637]