Barack Obama Using Fake Social Security Card?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

BARACK Obama is allegedly using  a fake Social Security card belonging to a dead man born in 1890.

According to America’s Globe magazine, The White House is furious about Obama’s latest scheme and has demanded that his name be removed from the ballot in Ohio.

Michelle Obama is in a panic,” a source said.

Recent reports claimed Obama has vowed to destroy Donald Trump!

Obama is said to be furious at Trump for trying to prove he wasn’t born in the U.S. and for backing Republican Mitt Romney.

“Donald is at the top of his secret hit list,” a source said.


  • jilly

    Such a load of crap!  Sleazeball Romney would do and say anything to bring negative publicity to the President.  JUST VOTE FOR HIM PEOPLE, THAT’S ALL IT TAKES!

    • Steve Scharfe

      You calling Romney a “Sleazeball” is like Bill Clinton calling Ronald Reagan a “Whoremonger…!”

      • Elmo

        HA HA HAAAAAA!!!! I couldn’t agree more!

  • Jeffreystruzyk

    Obama should mind his own business instead of others and he has this country so far in debt its pathetic. why don’t he tell the truth  instead of blaming others why should the people have to pay for his wifes vacation with her friends and others and pay for his barber to fly to washington to cut his hair and you only need a bowl to cut his hair so even the maid could cut it

    • Dottie

      Please, Obama inherited this debt from the republicans.

      • jilly

        EXACTLY! That’s what the simpletons don’t see.