Jennifer Aniston Lets Beau Justin Theroux Manage Her Money?

Friday, July 20, 2012

JENNIFER Aniston is letting her boyfriend control her fortune — and her career!

The actress, 43, is letting Justin Theroux in on her business empire.

“He wants to turn her into a shrewder business-woman and expand her empire,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“Justin is coming off a major career setback since Rock of Ages and Wanderlust tanked, and he’s already talking about sinking her money into another collaboration.

“She trusts Justin 100 percent.”

Meanwhile, Aniston is said to be tired of her lackluster movie career, so has taken BFF Courteney Cox‘s advice to land a top-notch TV project – prob­ably for HBO or Showtime – where she can reinvent herself as she makes the transition to mature leading lady

“Jennifer’s looking for an edgy, character-driven show along the lines of Edie Falco’s Nurse Jackie, Mary- Louise Parker in Weeds or Glenn Close in Damages,” a source said.

“She’s tired of so-so film scripts, bad movie reviews and disappointing box-office sales. She also thinks she’s getting too old to star in big-screen romantic come­dies.

“So after a heart-to-heart with Courteney, she made up her mind to reinvent herself as a serious actress back on TV where she got her start.

“”She joked she’ll even play a one-legged, crack-addicted prostitute as long as it’s a believable role.

“Jen hasn’t had a great movie re­view since The Good Girl way back in 2002. She’s hoping a dramatic TV role can win her the praise she’s been lacking from her recent films.”



  • jilly

    Wow, Garry, what do think about that???  Controlling her money and her career!!!

    • Sallyann

      I sincerely hop[e Jennifer is not that stupid to let him control her money. He will spend it if you let him control it then you will have sweet nix and no man


    Justin’s achievements are impressive: a well known writer and actor.
    Sounds funny.

    • jilly

      They might both make a T.V. show and Justin can be the well known writer for that and the actor and Jen can have a role too.

      • CL.GARRY

        Jilly, you make me crazy talking about TV.  TV is in the past. It’s a F ROUTINE – day by day, YEAR BY YEAR. NO DEVELOPMENT. You may see her father. Do you want this for her? 

      • jilly

        I’m just messing with you Garry, LOL!  I know that she is never going back to TV and Justin is not CONTROLLING her career.  Chill and have a great weekend!  JENNIFER ROCKS!!!

      • CL.GARRY

        I know. But anyway.
        Thanks have a great weekend too.
        Jennifer rocks!
        And Justin is gay  :)

      • jilly

        What the F**K is this, is that Justin?????????????????????????????????????????

      • jilly

        If that’s him then YES, HE IS GAY!  OMG…

  • Gunny King

    “control her fortune” is a pretty strong statement.  But, if they intend to be together forever it makes sense he will have some influence – big difference.  I agree that she needs to take some chances with her acting because those thirty-something roles will go to others with a better box office number.   I think she can do it. 


    Mister Success

    • jilly

      You hate him as much as I hate Jolie, that’s the truth! :)

      • CL.GARRY

        Sophie is better for controlling her career and money.
        Sophie doesn’t make her look stupid when she is near her.
        Sophie doesn’t need Mercedes S-class and other toys.
        Sophie is able to understand where is her place.
        Sophie is sincere friend.

      • jilly

        Sophie will have the main role in the new TV SHOW, yaaayyyy


    JENNIFER Aniston is letting her boyfriend control her fortune?

  • Max

    This is the stupidest decision she could ever make. Especially considering her revolving door policy on men. I love Jennifer but this is not smart!

  • Afriend

    you know the Movie Titanic had decaprio drawing a naked one legged prostitute, me thinkest that JJ is searching her mind to test what is real and what isn;t, the only real way to do that is to ask

    • CL.GARRY

      There is a sort of people who never trust to direct answer. They are always looking for indirect evidence. Unfortunately.

      • jilly

        I did not understand one word of “Afriend’s”  comment.  WHAAAATTTTT??????????  Garry, please translate……

      • CL.GARRY

        It’s about the picture from “Titanic”