George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Might End up Getting Married!

Friday, July 20, 2012

GEORGE Clooney‘s girlfriend is holding out for a proposal.

According to reports, George’s friends say that after a recent family vacation in Europe went off without a hitch, his mom wants him to get hitched to model girlfriend Stacy Keibler, 32.

George and Stacy chilled with all four parents at George’s Lake Como compound, in Italy.

“That’s where George and Stacy first fell in love, so having their parents there was important to them,” an insider says.

The Clooney and Keibler clan got along so well that the friend is calling the trip “the final step before George and Stacy get married. Now everyone believes a wedding is in the works!” said the source.

“She’s the first girlfriend George has had in decades that his parents will spend time with.

“George’s mother, Nina, is definitely pushing him to marry Stacy – and have babies!”

“If George popped the question, Stacy would say yes, without a doubt.

“Stacy isn’t just George Clooney’s professional girlfriend.

“She has her own career.

“He’s looking to settle down, and he wants to marry Stacy.”



  • Forumwrite

    he forgot to find his Ideal Woman who has these features - smile like Nicole Kidman, looks like Michelle Pfeiffer, body like Jenny Lopez and personality like Julia Roberts.

    • jilly

      Not a perfect match to the “IDEAL WOMAN” but he is fifty something and you never know!!!  The only thing is that as soon as the wedding rumours starts, he freaks out and dumps the woman.  We’ll see if Stacy can act  cool enough to get him to settle down.  Good luck girl!

  • Second-Guest

    A stunning couple.

    Stacey is gorgeous. Georgie boy needs to get his act together asap. Take a lesson from Leo D. …… marry your lady love ….. or else.

  • gues

    He’s met the other girlfriends parents.  There are pictures of him and Elizabetta in the village in Italy.  Also, his parents met the other girlfriends also!!!

  • guest

    She looks like she is in her 40s and definitely the wrong sign for him.

    • Kikicohen202

      Yes, she is aging terribly- pull up a video of her from 8 years ago- she was 24- she looked great- pretty skin, weighed about 15 lbs more, looked striking. Now- at only 32, she’s very worn, sun damaged, under weight, thinning hair ( bad extensions), etc. At 40- she’ll look 55

  • Kikicohen202

    This is the silliest article – sounds like a 15 year old wrote it! Everyone knows SK is a contract girlfriend for the old man. He’s not proposing and certainly not having children. Wake up, people!!! The parents are only there to dispel all of these rumors and make it appear as if Clooney and wrestler are “serious”. Bahahahaha!!!

  • MLIB

    She is too young for him intellectually and she has not lived enough adversity nor seen enough to understand his inner workings. George has people in his life that seem to want to push for what they think he needs instead of understanding that at any time he could meet his real soulmate that would create such a profound stir in his life and the way he looks etc., it would transform him, Stacy does not transform George nor affect him in a profound life changing way, that is what love should do and does… if it is meant to be sparks fly so strongly immediately that George would not keep distance nor seem bored, he would be in such a state he would finally reveal he truly is in love, it does not appear so in this transaction. It does not matter if everyone likes Stacy even his parents, because George’s life is his and he should not let anyone dictate who he should marry. Stacy has been pushing for all of this for some time, she is trying to prove she is the one and having friends on vaca with them, with child in tow to show she is ready is grounds for a break up in GC’s previous relations so not sure why he allows her to tweet their every move, it seems like usury not love. Love, you do not need to tell the whole world, you just want to be with that very person all the time and it shows…and one would not need to tweet every move unless they are desperate for attention, fame and more money.