Mel Gibson Being Sued by Stepmother

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MEL Gibson is facing more legal woes — he’s being sued by his stepmother.

The actor is being accused of wrecking his father Hutton Gibson‘s marriage to wife Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson.

Hutton filed for divorce and kicked Teddy out of their home in June.

So Teddy has decided to sue Mel for $65,000 to cover the legal bills from both her divorce and a court order forcing him to let her into the marital home.

Earlier this month she filed for a restraining order against Mel, alleging the Braveheart star had threatened her and tried to sabotage her marriage.

In legal documents, Teddy said Mel and his sister Maura have a grudge against her because she doesn’t approve of controversial medical treatments they have been urging her husband to undergo for his various illnesses, and she alleged they manipulated their ailing father into filing for a divorce, something she insists her devout-Catholic spouse wouldn’t usually agree to.

She also claimed 93-year-old Hutton recently penned her a love note saying: “Our mutual love is permanent.”