Mila Kunis is Living With Ashton Kutcher

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ASHTON Kutcher‘s romance with Mila Kunis really is serious — they’re already living together!

The pair re yet to confirm they are a couple but are said to be inseparable and cohabiting.

“They’re basically living together. Like any new couple in love, they’re pretty much joined at the hip,” a source said.

“They’ve been sneaking around for months but there’s only so long you can keep it quiet.

“They’re staying with each other most nights. Mila’s practically moved in to Ashton’s Hollywood home.”

Meanwhile, Ashton’s estranged wife Demi Moore is said to be furious about the new romance.

Demi is devastated that Ashton has moved on so quickly and is dating Mila,” a source told RadarOnline. “She is beyond heartbroken.

“Even though Ashton cheated on her all the time, it was with random girls, it wasn’t a relationship like it is with Mila and that is what is killing Demi now.

“Seeing photos of him kissing another woman is too much for her to handle, it’s like having her nose rubbed in it time and time again. She kind of knew it was definitely over between them but I think she was still holding out a little hope for a reconciliation — now he’s actually dating someone else she knows that’s not going to happen.

“Each time Demi hears about Ashton and Mila it breaks her heart. She really loved him despite the flaws in their marriage and to see him dating someone new, who is so much younger than she is, is like a knife in her heart.”


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  • Pwa082563

    demi is 2 old for him he could be her son 

  • dontdolikedemi

    Wow…. Demi’s personal challenge hit the limit and she was embarrassed.  She announced a divorce 8 months ago but has not yet even filed it.  Ex is freely showing the world that he is free and available.  Hopeful Demi was pushed over once again to the next embarrassing level.  She is destroying her own image, health, family, and credibility that we all once loved.  In the mean time, she likes to talk about empower-ing (other) women.  Well,  @Mrskutcher:disqus is not a role model woman or mother by her acts in my view.  I’m not surprised that if Kutcher had already given Demi a signed divorce paper, but yet I’m pretty sure that he is giving her amply time to heal first while he has clearly moved on.  A sad cougar story.

    • jilly

      She should’ve never married a man that much younger than her.  Dating, maybe but not marrying.  Big mistake and you’re right, she lost her health, family and credibility over a young boy who still wants to play.  Mila is a fool also thinking that he is the right guy for her.  I personally hate Ashton.  I think he is a manwhore and will always be.

  • Jackie

    Too much of an age difference~what do you expect~I knew the marriage would not work because he would eventually want children and a family of his own, most people do at his age.