Eva Longoria Picky About Work Projects

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EVA Longoria has standards when it comes to acting jobs — because she only wants to “do work that is meaningful”.

The actress — who shot to fame on Desperate Housewives — doesn’t make any long-term plans and lives each day as it comes.

“I live day to day. I live moment to moment so I don’t really think about ‘what’s your five-year plan? What’s your 10-year plan?’” she said.

“I just want to work with people that I love and enjoy. And do work that is meaningful, philanthropically as well. As things go on, those are my focuses.”

She also confessed that she assumed the ending of her popular TV show would allow her more free time – something that hasn’t happened as more work has found its way onto her schedule.

“I thought it would slow down and it hasn’t,” she said. “I was in Europe for two months right after the show at Cannes, then I had to go to Monaco, and then I had to go to London, Paris and Spain. So I was working throughout.

“It was interesting since I thought I would have more downtime. I’m shooting a movie in November so I’ll have some time before that, though I’m working with the Obama campaign pretty much every weekend until then.”