Kristen Stewart Admits Cheating on Robert Pattinson!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KRISTEN Stewart has admitted cheating on Robert Pattinson — and apologized for it.

The actress has issued a public apology for hurting her boyfriend of three years by having a fling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Stewart said in a statement Wednesday.



  • jilly

    So, is Rob going to forgive her or is he going to get even?  That’s the question…..

  • Vicky

    Always knew Rob was too good for her.  Dump her Rob ! You should be with someone who truly loves you.

    • Toby

      Wrong as per usual.

  • Missyypanda

    If you loves him why you did that to hurt somebody you love!!!

  • Toby

    “Whisper words of wisdom; Let it be’…

    • jilly

      I’m not too worried about the cheating part since she is so young but a married man who is twice as old as her, I’m not too impressed.  Sorry Toby!

      • Toby

        When guys get older, they have certain fantacies to live out,( like hitting the strip bars, for reasurrance, and a confidence boost), I believe he was role playing this out, while searching for peace with his wife.She was caught in the middle,enjoying his attention,  but young girls need assurance they appeal to some others, b4 they commit to the rest of their lives.Lets just hope,when Robert cools, he will accept she made a mistake in judgement, and will work this out with her.He loves her,I’m hopeful as a fan of theirs, there will be a rainbow @ the end of this bitterness! 

      • jilly

        Obviously this Rupert guy is going thru a mid-life crisis and pulled poor Kristin into it.  It’s very easy to get distracted when you’re 22, I’ve been there.  That’s why people should not get married at the young age because they’ll always wonder, who else is out there.

  • Toddkeilholz

    Google this name: Todd Ray Keilholz 


    You don’t sleep with a guy old enough to be your father especially when he’s married with young kids no matter what. She’s old enough to know better & there is nothing in the world she could have done to push Rob away any faster than to cheat on him.  He’s said time & time again in interviews that he is totally against cheating & hates cheaters. She cheated on him with an old, ugly dude (director, how cliche’)  & then went home to him right after according to the reports.  She had the old guy’s sweat (etc) on her when she went home & this didn’t happen last year during SWATH…this happened a WEEK AGO 17 July!! Hope he dumps her and is with trusted friends…he has to be devastated since they only just started going public….now this.  Wish I could just bitchslap the bitch!  I mean, c’mon, ROB??????

  • Mprellejera

    OMG. So you really it, Im so disapointed. :( Why did you do this?

  • Sueted3

    If it was Rob doing the cheating you all would be patting him on the back..leave her alone,you make big deal about to little..

  • Toby

    Okay, the pic I saw on  “E”  last night, while @ work ha ha, depicted HE was being the agressor, not her! I don’t believe 45% of what I hear, but I believe in 100% of what my eyes see. If you look closer, it shows her back to him,she had a half smile, and didn’t seem all that excited.she seemed to be playing along,enjoying his company,but also being respectful of him, my take….As more 411 becomes available, we will get a better understanding,that she really did nothing, and meant no harm.She’s a sweetheart of a person, I know that…BTW:   Food for thought, it’s been mentioned, that his wife stated a little marital discord recently, BEFORE this shit ever took place last week…..Hmmmmm’….

    • jilly

      I totally agree with Toby.  He is the one who is married with two kids and is 20 years older than her.  In the pictures it really seemed like he’s the one who is the agressor and I’m sure Kristen being a young girl was just infatuated by him being the Director and all.  He is the big PERVERT and that’s all there is to it.

      • Toby


    • @Toby

       I blame the director more. But kris is not innocent no matter what u say

      • Toby

        I agree.

  • Apprentice

    Hey Toby,

    Kristen ADMITTED she cheated on Rob.  Yes, Sweetie, Kristen admitted it.  Make excuses for her all you want.  That doesn’t replace the fact that she had sexual intercourse with another man that was NOT Rob. You also cannot dispute the picture where she is FRENCH KISSING Rupert either,  Though I know you’re DAMN sure going to try.

    Us Nonstens knew that if we gave Kristen enough rope she would hang herself. Kristen does it sooo beautifully too, We didn’t have to lift a finger.


    • Toby

      No dispute, they did not have sexual relations though.

    • Toby

      Yeah, no shit Sherlock Holmes. Did I ever say she did not?

  • nilla

    If this is even a true story…….. I strongly disagree with Kristen Stewart having an affair with a married man, but she is only 22 years old. Someone being in a committed relationship at that age is not a good idea, anyway. I’ve always told my sons not to be involved with just one girl. Play the field a bit, to pick and choose. If a person ties themselves to one person at such a young age, they will sow their wild oats when they’re older. The outcome might not be pretty. I can speak to this, because I know!!!!!!!

  • Glad It Happened

    Wow, Kristen has a new name(Trampire) lol. 
    Seriously she admitted that she uses the casting couch to get jobs.  She was asked at the SWATH panel how do you make it in HW, she said, I’m sitting on it.  She’s not sorry she’s just sorry she got caught, as for Rob if he get’s back with her, he deserve everything that happens afterwards.  I knew in the past that she was going to do something big to ruin Twilight, popularity, she was wrong for the part, because she can’t act.  Use to wonder how she was getting these roles in HW, now we know she part of the casting couch club.

  • newengland2

    Fired the director first.