Mila Kunis: ‘I Don’t Got Time To Date!!’

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

MILA Kunis doesn’t have time to date.

The actress — who’s rumored to be dating Ashton Kutcher — is adamant she is single because she is busy and also finds the idea of going out with someone for the first time daunting.

“First, I have to find some time to start seeing a guy, which is tough for me because I’m terrible on dates and I get nervous and don’t always feel comfortable or natural in those situations. I don’t know why that is,” she said.

“It does sometimes change the dynamic, in the sense that you’re more well known and people presuppose more about you because they’ve seen your work and maybe read things about you.

“But usually you meet people in the same business, so you’re not feeling awkward if you or the guy you met has just had a big film out, or whatever.”

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  • jilly

    Yes, she just has lots of time to have sex with loser Asston!  I used to like Mila but not anymore.

  • Sandinbox

    Omg…she’s such a phoney….”i don’t have time to date.” then we see her on a date.  She hasn’t ever dated?  Huh?  a 28 yr old that’s never dated?  Huh?  Come on Mila get honest.  Your bs is getting old…I’m starting to reconsider liking you.  You’re starting too overexposed and sounding more and more pretentious and stupid!!!! Ouch!! Didn’t want to say that since I’ve been a fan since that 70s Show.  But, stop sounding like such an a–.