Kim Kardashian to Use a Surrogate?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

KIM Kardashian is planning to have a baby by using a surrogate!

The reality TV star — who’s currently dating rapper Kanye West — is desperate to stat a family, but doesn’t want to lose her figure.

“Kim would like to have a young woman in her mid to late 20s with a calm, soothing demeanor, a lot of patience and a posi­tive outlook to serve as a surrogate,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“Kim would also prefer a woman who has siblings and is married with a happy home life.

“As far as Kim’s concerned, this is the answer to her dreams.

“She desperately wants a baby with Kanye, but she doesn’t want to gain weight like her oldest sister Kourtney did!

“Kim actually said, ‘I won’t ruin my body by getting preg­nant.’’’


  • Roxanne

    that makes me sick that she loves her body more than actually having the baby herself. she could get her figure back if she works at it..thats the problem..she doesnt wanna do any kind of hard work

  • Landers7743

    Who cares?

  • Jeffreystruzyk

    Why doesn’t she grow up as for saying she doesn’t want to gain weight like her sister it stands now Kourtney will always have a better body than Kim.The only thing Kim has going for her is the big Ass which she will never get rid of.