Bill Clinton is Dying?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

BILL Clinton has allegedly been begging wife Hillary to call off their divorce before he dies.

The former President is said to be ailing fast and devastated that he won’t live to see his first grandchild, Globe magazine reports.

“Bill has lost a shocking amount of weight and insiders say he has just six months to live,” dished a mole.


  • Sueted3

    Good man,to bad he has to putup with the old bag .

    • Maxx496

      Good news, this criminal the enemy of the republic the globalist stooge is going to meet his creator.

      • Alaska66049

        Maxx496 What is the wrong with you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jilly

        MAD MAX, has no idea what the hell he’s talking about.  YAP, YAP, YAP!!!!!!!!!

      • wlblevins

         Bill, Sorry for the bad news, I think you and Hilary for the service you and she as gave to the Country. I hope the Lord will have mercy on you and spare your life. Thank you and Hilary for being a democrat and caring for America. In the years I have lived, it is so true about the GOP, most all of them are greedy self center and does care for NO One except themselves. The Bible talks of a person (the Rich Men) like that, He love his money more than the Lord. The Bible tells of the poor begging for the crumbs from the rich men table. When the Rich Men died in hell he lifted his eyes. When the poor men Lazarus died in Heaven he lifted his eyes. Satan has deceived them to be a christian. The Bible tells me to Love they Neighbor as they self. George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney only love the rich and so does most GOP people.  Most GOP breg about being a christian but most are like the Rich Men they are very Greedy. Bill if the Lord decides to take you to Heaven as you stated that You are a Christen then I don’t believe you will see George Jr. or Dick in Heaven according the the Bible. Their Heart is so greedy and their lives provided it. The Lord love people that has companion for the poor and needy. Remember the Lord was poor too when he walked this earth. He gave all he had for them (his life) and today they still cruse his name.
        Bill the best advise I can share with you is to have a clean heart between you and the Lord. Bill this applies to all of us. We all must follow that path. Think you and I will be praying for you and the family. Your friend in Christ.

         A Faithful Christian and a True Democrat

      • Kim Dyer

         Yes, he can start by telling the world his part in the coverups of tons of cocaine that he facilitated into Arkansas while he was governor for the Bush family!  Research CIA and Mena Airport.

      • Elmo

        Chelsea is the only innocent one in that screwed up Arkansas family…

      • texaspatriot1964

        I feel sorry for that poor girl but she’ll probably end up just like her parents…crooked as hell and not caring for anybody.

      • Elmo

        I hope your wrong… I have to hold out hope.

      • texaspatriot1964

        Your sweetheart Hillary Clinton right now is conspiring with Obama and the United Nations to totally dismantle the constitution and invole United nations restrictions on especially our second amendment. You need to look into that stuff because you seem to be pretty ignorant about it right now. Look up United nations Agenda 21 which Hillary Clinton in a main player in. They can’t destroy our 2nd amendment through congress so they are going through the United Nations with a back door deal. These guys are all sickening and traitors.


        Hope he repents of the numerable sins he has committed before he meets his maker. Like all of us our days are numbered. We all have a chance to make things right before we enter eternity. We have a free will to do that. It is never good news to wish Hell on anyone, even our worst enemy. Sad if his ending is not like Andy Griffith’s (FORGIVEN) Without Christ Jesus we all deserve eternity without God ! The worst thing man has ever known!

      • Elijah

        Bill Clinton is a Great Man he did Good for the country

      • Kim Dyer

         Bill Clinton was one of the worst turning points to ever happen to this country when he covered up tons of cocaine that he had flying into Mena Airport Arkansas under the Iran Contra scandal COVERUPS.  He was then governor, Whitewater was about COCAINE.  CIA is the Cocaine Import Agency.  Americans…

  • kay

    GOD BLESS U Bill hope are prayer get u lots better ur a good man we need u back!!

    • Kim Dyer

       Are you kidding me?  Research his background with the CIA and Mena Arkansas!  He is a druglord front, just like the Bush family and one of the worst things that ever happened to this world!  I mean tons of cocaine brought in regularly and murder incorporated!  And Romney is just another Shill, as was Obama.  They are all whores for the Royal mafia.  IT goes as high as Rome.

    • texaspatriot1964

      Just like John Murtha and Ted Kennedy, Clinton is about to answer for his life of crime and crooked dealings with the worlds most corrupt criminals. He was only a successful president because we had balance of power during his eight years in office, he controlled the oval office and the republicans controlled everything else. That is how it successfully works.

  • Lkaferi

    I hope he gets well again. He is the best president of the modern USA . God bless you Bill. I hope you don’t leave too early.


      I think his time is numbered i got a shock when i saw him on television a couple of weeks ago sad but this is life im afraid it happens, i can so much relate to Bill Clinton wanting to have and hold  his first grandchild to play with, and see him or her grow up, i feel deeply sad for him that he is going to be deprived of ever having this precious gift he must feel very sad and hurt.But then again i have seen people that looks like they are near their end but for so unknown reason they have come to life, i hope that is the same  for you Mr Clinton !!!

  • CubanbybirthAmericanbychoice

    Hey Bill, although I’m a REPUBLICAN, I would vote for you in a heartbeat. I wish you could run again instead of the stooge in the white-house. Get well soon

    • jilly

      The Stooge you’re referring to, is the only hope America has to get back on it’s feet.  You republicans are all crazy! 

      • NObama

        The stooge has made our deficit increase substantially aand hasnt closed the unemployment gap. Obama is NOT the answer in 2012.

      • Lauren

        jilly TAKE OFF that blind fold you have on, THIS STOOGE has put this so far OFF it’s feet it will take us 50 yrs to rebound. Get real 

      • Lauren

        jilly TAKE OFF that blind fold you have on, THIS STOOGE has put this Country so far OFF it’s feet it will take us 50 yrs to rebound. Get real 

      • jilly

        Sorry, are you talking about Bush the stooge, because he is the one who destroyed the Country before handing it over to Obama.  Four years is not enough for anyone to make much changes, hopefully the next four years!

      • Anonymous

         however, 4 years is Plenty of time to expose ineptness and corruption.  how is it you are so impressed with what obama has done so far, jilly?  were You a recipient of the “stimulus” largess that went to gov’t employees and other obama supporters?  and the Excuse was “well, things would be even worse now”?  and the debt he’s piled up @ $60,000 per taxpayer?  wasn’t he going to “cut the deficit in half”?  face it, he’s the “spend and whine” prez, maybe MR will do better, he has that history,  how could he do Worse?

      • Gary

        You want a Mormon running your country, holy crap you’re all dumber than I thought…….a guy who’s religion is that contradictory and hypocritical, mitt supporters at motons

      • jilly

        This the country we’re living in and these are the people who will elect the President, really scary!

      • Anonymous

        the mormons i know are SO MUCH MORE competent, caring, intelligent, resourceful than the current whitehouse circus. heck, can obama even tie his own shoes? btw you should quit posting bigoted crap like that, it’s not real attractive imho

      • texaspatriot1964

        They are and they love this country and respect our ways of life. They also take care of each other and care about others. Obama is a Muslim all the way through and they hate everyone, especially Jews, Christians and women. Women might as well not exist in Islam because they have more respect and compassion for their dogs, horses, goats, cows and sheep, especially sheep…ha!.

      • texaspatriot1964

        They use that “well, it would have been worse now if McCain would have won” because they know there is no way to prove otherwise, it is a cop-out excuse and they know it. Obama referred to Bush as unpatriotic and a traitor for running a half trillion a year defecit then he turns around and more than doubles that and is so spineless, he can’t even take responsibility for or admit he made the wrong decisions. We will get four more of this stuff but this time it will be on steroids and with the afterburners on full blast. He has nothing to loose, that is why he patted the Russian representative to Putin on the leg and said to just have patience, once re-elected, he could do whatever he wanted and skrew the Americans in the butt. The guy is a communist and he absolutely hates what America stands for and represents. Watch Obama’s America 2016, that exposes him for what he really is and who molded his ideas….all communist.

      • Elmo

        Yes, yes! Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes! I watched that too! We can’t let him get reelected! He is the reason that our embassy in Libya is destroyed, that al Qaeda got its hands on whatever is in there, and that 4 people are dead, including our ambassador! Think about it, he asked for more security…Obama said no… So therefore, Obama is technically responsible for his death. Obama is the one who killed him, as far as I’m concerned. Come nov 6th, Romney’s gonna kick his ass so hard, his nose’ll bleed! BRING IT, OBAMA BIN LADEN!!!

      • texaspatriot1964

        You are an ingorant cool-ade drinking liberal too, what Bush did to this country, Obama has accomplished in his first three years. Just how far in debt do you idiots think this country can slide until we have the plug pulled on us by the people we are borrowning trillions from like China? General Motors is not alive and Bin Laden was dead three years before that phoney assissination attempt last year, we have military personnel who knows he was dead three years before that attack on the compound where some goat farmer was shot between the eyes for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You need to wake up, right now you are as lost and confused as a drunk bat.

      • Maribeth

        @jilly: you are SO RIGHT ON! Couldn’t agree with you more. OBAMA2012!

      • Jeff Struzyk

        Even if bush did have a hand in it Obama has this country so far in debt it won’t even get a start at cleaning it up not in my lifetime plus he is one of the biggest liers this country has ever had. what has he done in the last four years not a damn thing except vacations,golf, and on tv more than every president we have had

      • jilly

        Respect your President, Jeff! The election is over and America voted!

      • bill

        your the blind one bush destroyed this country because he tried to finish what his dad couldnt and made it worse and he only cars about the rich bush worst president of all time both of them

      • texaspatriot1964

        Lauren…these people like Jilly are hopeless. They are the type that has to get a bolt of lightning up their azzes before they realize they are standing in a thunder storm. They will be blaming the disasterous Obama policies that failed miserably on Bush for the next 20 years. Obama has never taken responsibility or his own screwups and he never will.

      • Amber Sluiter

         The stooge is the one that has knocked America OFF of its feet.

      • Anonymous

         only hope?  where have You been the last 3.5 years???  we needed jobs, we got food stamps (and solyndra, etc), energy prices are soaring, robbing us of economic progress, what has Obama done There?  when we all said we wanted the economy fixed, we got Obamacare and its taxes and care-killing bureaucracy.  mitt romney is a winner by all accounts, and obama’s only success so far is to get elected by ill informed, dumb donkeycrats like You.  obama is a LOSER, sorry to break the obvious

      • Elmo

        YES!!! SOMEONE SANE!!! ROMNEY-RYAN 2012!!!!

      • texaspatriot1964

        I hope the stooge you are referring to isn’t this Kenyan communist in the white house, do you know what a communist is or what a country run by communism is like? That’s what is wrong with this country and our present generation, nobody seems to know a krap about communism, marxism or what it’s like to live under it. If Obama isn’t a communist (marxist), then there is no such thing, not even Fidel Castro, Karl Marx or Joseph Stalin. People better wake up to what is going on. General Motors isn’t making it, they still owe us all the stimulus money they got and they are still hurting financially and still could have to declare bankruptcy which would be the best thing that could happen to them and Chrysler. Then they could get rid of those criminally run unions.

    • texaspatriot1964

      The reason Clinton was a successful president is because he had a senate and house controlled by republicans and I give it to Bill, he knew how to get along with those on the other side. You can’t have one party controlling all three branches, that ends up in either nothing being accomplished worth a chit or the wrong things being shoved down our throats like you saw the first two years of Obama. I like balance of power, it’s the only thing that seems to work properly.

  • Anonymous

    Good Riddance… This guy has so much dirty laundry. i can’t wait to read the dirt on this douche after he is gone…. Adios Scumbag!

  • angie tucker

    BILL, i know you caught alot of rift raft about monica but i wish you well. you cant change the past just know that god is looking over you and if hillary loves you enough, she will not divorce you. why hasn’t she done it before now? you really need her and shes talking divorce. BULL CRAP! i really hope you will be able to meet your first grandchild. its sad what we sometimes have to go through,but please remember that god is on your side and im praying for you and i imagine so are alot more people. just hang in there. its sad to say but please get your heart right with god if you havent allready. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

    • Omabhonle

      I too pray God to keep our Bill in good health as we need him . He is a very great human being I have ever seen. Hillary please take care of him and you are the only one to support him in his weak health, thank you I believe in you, God bless you and the family

  • Dan5445

    Apparently some of these people haven’t heard the old phrase, “To error is human, to forgive is devine”..I wish the man well. He wasn’t a perfect president, but he was a good one. Go check the stats on the past presidents and see how many were perfect. It’s just the way life is, and as far as I know, only one person in history was perfect..

    • Elmo

      And you just leave it like that? Who was that person? Cause if you’re referring to Obama, you’re crazy. ROMNEY ’12!

      • Kim Dyer

         Romney is just another shill druglord supporter.  The Royal families (international druglords) have ensured that the only ones who stand a chance to run are one of their mafia whores “for the family” and their filthy Nazi New World Order.  (Nazi-jews that is).  Mitt Romney is  filthy Mormon, a whore liar for big business and NOT FOR OUR BEST INTERESTS AT ALL. They are for taking of the world and establishing a one world government with caste systems.

      • Elmo

        Uh, GIANT FLAW. “nazi Jews” is an oxymoron, nazis hated Jews therefore it is impossible to be both! HA! And I have no idea what you’re talking about with drug lords and all that untrue stuff about the royal family. Youre talking England’s, right? There are a bunch of whores in there now who I wouldn’t be surprised, but not all of them. Take William and Kate and the late Diana, for example, who would NEVER get into stuff like that. I’ll give you that the anagram is interesting, though, but unlike most, probably just a coincidence. He’s obviously the best candidate so he can’t be “filthy” and besides ” bill Clinton” anagramed is ” bloc’n till” which sounds like a sexual reference. I better stop this comment cause my goddamn ipad crashed last time I typed this much on here…

      • Elmo

        Btw there isn’t an anagram, “Mitt romney does not have an h in it.

      • Elmo

        Or an f…

      • Praymyfriend

        Yeah they took out JFk and they tried taking out Obama but we just don’t know about it. I wouldn’t call them nazi Jews though, more like they are slaves to the 3 kings of England that have made their off springs king (president).

      • texaspatriot1964

        Who the hell tried taking out Obama…aren’t you confused with Osama?

      • Anonymous

         since you are so against the drug lords, perhaps you should quit using their product before you post such drivel

      • texaspatriot1964

        So what do you prefer, what you described for Romney or electing a Kenyan Commie that hates America and everything this country stands for or represents. Just how many times do you like watching him apologize and insult this country to all our enemies, especially his beloved fellow Muslims? And while Bush did take us a half trillion in debt every year, do you approve of this liar running us over twice that much and now having us over 16 trillion in debt? Is the direction you think is so great? Wow!! How long do you think you could conduct your own life spending three times as much as you make and borrowing everything you overspent on? Just how many trillion do you consider enough to start being concerned over? This is really so frukkin’ stupid that it’s insulting to even talk abouit. In case you haven’t noticed, they are all criminals, that is how they get to run for president of this criminally run country.

      • Maribeth

        you have got to be on some kind of drugs. You are truly an idiot.

      • Praymyfriend

        Dan was reffering to Jesus Christ, Obama 2012 baby. 

    • Diane Dietsch

       The quote is “to err is human, to forgive, divine”.

  • Godfrey

    May I invite Bill and Hilary to San Francisco. They will fall in love again. He’s a good man!
    Wish you well.

  • Elmo

    While I do wish that, if he’s really dying, that he would just hurry up and die already, I do think he deserves to see his grandchild before he dies.

  • Abartan1919

    I find it hilarious how many people actually believe this bullshit, it’s Globe for gods sake. Are you all really that naive?

  • Kim Dyer

    Poor, poor Royal Family DRUGLORD.  That is something that you’ll never see one of their media fronts tell you…  His Boss was HW Bush.  CIA is drugs people.  Always has been, always will be.  How do I know?  A college professor and some military acquaintences in addition to having been the illegitimate grand daughter of the late skull and bonesman Senator John Chafee.

  • Kim Dyer

    He should use the time he has left to help turn this country around from the mess that he and the Bush’s made of this country with their druglording.

    • texaspatriot1964

      Bill Clinton has always been a key leader in the Dixie Mafia, maybe you don’t know about that. He flew tons and tons of weapons into central america and brought back thousands of tons of drugs into Arkansas while he was governor.

  • Kim Dyer

    His sick family deserves it, sorry to say, but when you profit from drugs as a leader of the country…  Research Mena Airport CIA and Bush with his name.  They are all a royal mafia outfit, the Mormon church their secret ally to the Zionist New World Order (Nazi regime).  Hard to feel sorry for them,

  • Angela_organ_ut

    May God Heal you! Bill Clinton was a good president he worked hard for the USA and I think you all should cut him some slack…..Obama well, he can’t help it the country was already in  a mess because of the Bush’s you can’t fault Obama for that….Do you really think that 4yrs will put this country back on it’s feet? BE FOR REAL!!!!! Give him a break and lets think about getting this country where it needs to be..ON TOP…IN FRONT….AND IN CHARGE……GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • Praymyfriend

      Exactly it’s easier to destroy then build and they expect him to build within the same amount it took to destroy.

  • angry at politicians

    Romney is for the rich obama is for the middle class but who is really worring about the poor people the homeless. they wanna get rid of fip, food stamps, and ppl on ssi,  we need someone who will stand up for these ppl and help them get on thier feet

  • angry at politians

    t hey wanna cut shit they need to start with the politians incomes, housing, shit like that and c how fast they get shit done then. let them live like the rest off us do c how normal americans live

  • TruthSpeaks

    Oh goodness, haven’t heard much about him in the last few weeks and noticed he lost a lot of weight last time I saw him in the news.. Hope he do live long enough to see his first grandchild.

  • TruthSpeaks

    While there’s still debate about who left the country in a hot mess, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Bush spent all the money that Bill Clinton saved up for America having a war about weapons that was never found in Iran. It was all about oil and as far as I could see the VP was running the country too, because he owned shares in a company in Iran. Bush left the country in trillion dollar debt and Obama only added less than 5 to that because by the time he came in jobs were outsourced, housing market was a mess and there was already unemployement. To top that Congress is run mostly by the Republicans so every time President Obama try to push in a new law to help the middle/working class those selfish republicans stop them. All they give a rat about is themselves/families and rich friends. Mitt’s partner Paul Ryan is bringing in wealthy corporation’s money so they can spread more lies about our President. God help American if the Republicans win becase the idiots who voted for them to win will soon see their medicare/social security/pension and disappear and be hit with higher taxes than Bush ever slap on the middle/working class, The rich will pay LESS tax under Mitt than they ever paid under Bush. So there will be less jobs, jobs that pay crap wages. no more benefits. if you think that’s a lie than you got a very short memory regarding the first Bush who was president for one term. He lied to the voters and they voted him out bringing in Clinton. That should have been a lesson for them to remember not to have another Bush in the White House but no they went ahead and voted him in. Dumb mistake and it would be the dumbest mistakes they ever made if they voted Mitt and Ryan in the White House. Paul Ryan is the darling of the Tea Party which was funded by those billionaire brothers from the mid west so that should give some people some idea these people don’t give a rat ass about us the ordinary people the less fortunate the middle/working class.

    • TruthSpeaks

      Apology for some mistakes in my second post above regarding misspelled words.
      I should also say that a lot of Mormons not keen on Mitt getting in the White House. The older generation will be mad when they see their social security disappear and this will affected their children, grandchildrens and generation for years. It was the Democrats who created social security and the Republicans were against it but soon as they see how much they get in retirement they were all for it. Hypocrites they are now majority of them in the House/Congress are rich so they are out of tune with their voters who better wise up or the whole world will wonder if Americans are truly that dumb. Sad to say our country also owed a lot of countries money borrowed and that’s no lie anyone can check that up online America’s Debt, American’s Debt to China and Countries America Owes Money To.

  • Michele Grubbe

    obama has done nothing but ruin our country and the people in it. I am voting for Romney all the way although if Clinton could run he would have my vote. I loved Clinton, everything was so good when he was president. After him Bush Drove our Country into the ground and then Obama plowed over it, I only hope and pray that Romney will be able to rebuild America

  • Gary

    Why do Americans not see the truth? George w has left you in the situation you’re all in, wake up you all can’t be that stupid to think it’s Obamas fault…..he walked into a devastating mess, due to a war mongrel who was driven by greed, sorry but the bushes are evil people

  • Liz

    Go to see movie 2016 Obama,s America. Does not matter what is your party.We all going off the cliff. Dont argue, just educate yourself. Movie will open your eyes. prepare yourself for the ride.

  • Truth

    This message is to all the hating people who is mad because a black man is in the chair. When Bush and his daddy were in the chair mess up nobody had any thing to say, now a black man is in it, Everybody got something to say. Just tell the butt nake truth ya’ll hate the fact that a black man is in charge. Even Clinton mess up but it’s ok because he is white. Whites’ can get a way with murder and nobody won’t say anything about it. how bias is that.

  • danielle

    It pains me to see such disrespect for the Office of The President of The United States of America. “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain—and most fools do.” If we, the American Citizen do not hold respect for leaders in office, we are no better than the radicals in third world countries.

    • jilly

      The Republicans are so great at pointing out what’s wrong and not once any of them has come up with a solution. Obama has had lots of great solutions that was stoped by the Republicans. The Tax policy is one of the most important ones. Take more Tax from the rich people and reduce the tax for the middle class, how could that be wrong except if you’re one of those rich guys like Romney. OBAMA 2012!!!

  • Fjmfor president 2030

    Yeah Obama dug us in a hole but putting Romey’s cunning do what you have to do to get what you want attitude in the White House would be the worst possible thing you can do he only Is counting on 53% of voting Americans he will say and do what he has to do to apeal to that 53% to win bottom line . And if you really want to get into who hates America it’s Romney he doesn’t support homosexuals change and abortion. When America is mainly comprised of change . And if some one needs an abortion because of a failed contraceptiveor in some cases of rape and can not provide a stable life for that child also if to men or women are happy together why can’t they be together in marriage . Because the church says so. The last time I check there was depredation of church and state so that can not interfere with Americans rights to life liberty and persuit of happiness

  • Timon of Athens

    Have any of you people ever realized just how silly you all sound, when there’s nothing you or anyone can do to get us out of the mess we’re in? We’re headed for the bottom level of the Third World. And there you sit, blaming politicians who don’t hear you and don’t care anyway.

  • Your mom

    Baracka flocka flame 2012

  • jilly

    Well, as we all can see Bill Clinton is well and alive and supporting the President of the United States! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!! No Mormon is gonna run this country to 1950′s.

  • Individual liberty

    Evil has triumphed over Good….It’s showing up in some of those that hold public office….

  • mr.o

    Remember the globe is also equal to fox news what’s new. People get serious.

  • Sylvan Tieger

    HELLERY IS DYING fron Cigar being used by monica and a host of others this what a freaky kink ANTI Jews does in her spare time

  • Lost Angel

    I know the truth behind this all (and their past). With those two still being in it (and at it)—it all makes me very sad; but I’m a dying man myself…so I’ve got little left to feel.