Mariah Carey Idol Promotional Photo Released — What Do You Think?

Friday, July 27, 2012

MARIAH Carey‘s Idol promotional photo has been released!

The singer is being paid a whopping $18 million to be a judge on the TV talent show’s twelfth season.

And this is the photo — probably taken in her backyard by her husband Nick Cannon — that American Idol products have decided to release to the press.

Meanwhile, Carey has reportedly shocked American Idol staff with her low-maintenance rider requests.

The star has been renowned for her outrageous backstage demands — which in the past have included 20 white kittens, butterfly-shaped confetti, baskets of puppies, white roses and a “tea service for eight” — but insiders claim there is nothing unusual about the dressing room set-up she has requested in her new job as a judge on the talent show.

“It’s all standard stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not like they’ll need to put a new roof on the building,” a source said.

“It’s standard lists, whether it’s for water, soda, veggies, snacks. It’s all fairly normal.”

However, HollywoodLife claims Mariah — who replaced Jennifer Lopez on Idol — is making sure the judge who replaces Steven Tyler is not as famous as herself!

“It will be 110% someone less famous than Mariah Carey,” said one insider.

“Mariah Carey wants to be the centerpiece of the new panel and the new look of the show and doesn’t want to be overshadowed whatsoever.

“Many are scared on set that she is going to be a major diva and are scared that it will be a nightmare to work with her expected demands.”


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