Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Reunite in November — Much to Pattinson’s Dismay

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will come face to face for the first time since reports emerged about the actress’ cheating when they kick off their promotional tour for the final part of Twilight movie Breaking Dawn, due out in November.

And Rob, sources say, is dreading it.

“[He] is in pieces but the Twilight love triangle storyline is nothing without him and Kristen,” a source said.

“It is eating him up that he has no choice but to see her again because of work. His humiliation is total.

“This is a potential nightmare for all involved. Fans look forward to seeing them together during interviews. It’s great publicity for the film.

“Robert even used to be happy to go to events with Kristen that he wasn’t contractually obligated to go to, like the Teen Choice Awards last Sunday.”

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed Pattinson and Stewart are embroiled in a bitter custody battle — over their beloved adopted dog.

Kristen, 22, will keep her cat, Max, but 26-year-old Robert wants Bear – the mixed mutt rescue they adopted from a high-kill shelter in New Orleans.

“After Rob moved his things out of their Los Angeles apartment, he then told Kristen he wanted Bear,” an insider said.

“She was heartbroken – they adopted Bear together and she always felt that he was their little baby.

“But Rob was so hurt by Kristen’s actions he decided that he wants the dog to help him get over what happened. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend and Bear is such a good companion.

“However, Kristen won’t give up Bear in a hurry. She helped Rob save Bear from Parvo disease, which nearly took its life when it was a puppy.

“She wants joint custody – and it could get a little messy.

“Before news of the affair broke, Robert and Kristen were looking into the possibility of adopting another dog. They were desperate for a play pal for Bear and scoured, as well as a few high-kill shelters in Los Angeles. But it seems that’s out of the question now.”[imagebrowser id=1]



  • Sadaat

    This is so stupid , there is nothing left to talk about so the dog is now being dragged into this mess that the media is hyping up even more. She did not have sex with him, yes she made a huge and regretful mistake which she can’t take back, but he is the married one obsessed with her for months and finally got her to give in, she’s 22 and has only had two serious relationships since 15. There have been worse scandals in Hollywood like Brangelina who were doing it on set while filming and he was married too. everyone worships them now as a couple, rob and Kristen need to talk and settle this once and for all this we r not speaking is just so high school and wontnsolve a thing.

  • Johnsrenota

    Let her have the dog. It’s just another thing to remind you of what you did together. If your moving on. Everything must become new. That goes for the dog too. She has moved out of your place. Remove everything.>Let Bear  go to fight over him would tie you closer to her.

  • fr

    This thing has been blown up way more then what it should have been. There were mistakes on both Kristen and Robert’s side. Everything is hear say. I don’t see any articles about Rupert.

    How do we know that this isn’t just a big publicity stunt or a setup to just make someone look bad for someone else to get a financial pay off from this?