Jessica Biel Angry With Cameron Diaz

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

JESSICA Biel was left furious when she found out fiance Justin Timberlake‘s ex-girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, is still in love with him.

Cameron — who dated Justin from 2003 to late 2006 and starred with him in the 2011 movie Bad Teacher — admitted in an interview that “Justin and I had a journey together and still do. It changed, but I’m fine with that and so is he. I will always love the man in so many different ways.”

Cameron’s comments, sources say, sent Jessica hopping mad!

“Jessica has always been threatened by Cameron’s close relation­ship with Justin,” said an insider.

“And she believed Cameron was saying that if Justin was having second thoughts about the wedding, she would be waiting for him with open arms.

“Jessica was deeply concerned that Justin could be getting cold feet about marriage,. She basically told him that if he didn’t cut contact with Cameron, he could forget about marrying her.

“The wedding is on and imminent. But Cameron’s interview really threw Jessica for a loop. It has her questioning Justin’s trust and commitment right down to the wire.”


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