Johnny Depp Dumped by Amber Heard

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

JOHNNY Depp has been dumped by girlfriend Amber Heard — because she didn’t like being labeled a homewrecker.

The pair were hot and heavy until the publicity surrounding the breakdown of Depp’s 14-year relation­ship with Vanessa Paradis overwhelmed the budding romance.

“Amber didn’t want to be seen as the vixen who tore Johnny’s family apart,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“Johnny had assured her that his relationship with Vanessa was over before they really got serious. But when Amber got drawn into the publicity after their split, she wasn’t happy at all. She actually went into seclusion.”

Recent reports claimed Depp was keen to rekindle his romance with Paradis.

The actor has flown to the South of France in a bid to patch things up with the model and has given her an antique gold pendant bearing the message “My heart is always with you.”

“They are having a family holiday to show the kids they are still a strong family even if those two are split or not,” a source said.

“But the fact he presented her with such a touching gift, it’s almost as if they could make another go of things. Johnny wants to be with his family, he’s a very family orientated man. His kids mean everything to him.

“What they need more than anything is to get together far away from Hollywood and that is what they are doing.”

Although they were never married, it had been claimed Vanessa was going to get $150 million from Johnny in a one-off payment.

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  • Lily daisy

    I just cannot picture him living apart from his kids and becoming a weekend only kind of father . They simply need to get back together!

  • Ra_ke

    This is a big lie….where is the picture of them together?…Johnny loves his family!!

  • Theodor


    Breaking News: Vanessa Paradis is now in a relationship with Ricky Martin.

  • jessica oxendine

    Amber date someone your own age. You will be happier.