Steve Carell Admits The Daily Show is Too Cruel!

Friday, August 3, 2012

STEVE Carell has opened up about his time on The Daily Show.

The actor– who got his start as a correspondent for The Daily Show — complained about something that bothered him while working on Jon Stewart‘s satirical newscast.

Although the ridiculous interviews with people of varying degrees of cray cray are the best part of the show, Carell says they could be “just cruel.”

“It’s one thing poking fun at people who deserve it, but there was that flip side of shooting fish in a barrel. It’s just cruel,” he said.

Steve recently insisted he is an “everyman” star and he still does his own shopping at the supermarket.

“Listen, I’m everyman. I take the garbage out. Roll bins to the curb. Separate recyclables. No personal assistant. It’s what I know to do, and I do it,” he said.

“I go to the supermarket. We were out of nonfat vanilla Coffee-mate, so I ran in, and people say hello to me. Some guy pushing a cart nods to me and says, ‘Nice.’ ”

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