Justin Timberlake HATES Jessica Biel’s Hair!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

JUSTIN Timberlake wants fiancee Jessica Biel to get rid of her bangs.

The singer apparently is a fan of the actress’ new ‘do and has begged her to change it.

“Jessica’s new bangs hairdo isn’t doing it for Justin, he absolutely hates it,” a source told RadarOnline.

“He prefers it when Jessica has her hair side-parted, with a little bit of wave, or when she has it simply tied back.

“She’s very conscious of her forehead, which she thinks is a little big, despite Justin’s reassurances that there’s nothing wrong with her.

“Justin has begged Jessica to change it back to how he likes it because he thinks the bangs look boyish.

“She’s always asking him to grow his hair a little, Jessica detests it when Justin shaves his head, so he’s had to compromise at times for her.

“There’s no way he’d be happy if she wore her hair like that for their wedding, and she certainly won’t let him cut his hair short either.”



  • Opulence

    I personally HATE her bangs as well. They reveal she’s hiding something and makes her unattractive to me. I honestly won’t look at her photographs due to the bangs, I will change channels if she’s shown on TV or if pop up on line, will close the tab. JUST HATE THE BANGS, he should had not married the bighead chick!!!!!!!