Kate Middleton Furious With Michelle Obama!

Friday, August 10, 2012

KATE Middleton is hating on Michelle Obama!

The British beauty — who’s married to Britain’s Prince William — was left furious when Michelle tried to upstage her during a palace visit, according to America’s Globe magazine.

“What Michelle did left Kate absolutely furious,” a source said.

Recent reports claimed Kate loves cooking for husband William.

“Some might say it’s a little dull, but they love it. I saw William recently and he is so happy,” a source told Vanity Fair.

“They’ve grown out of clubbing and have no interest in parties. They just enjoy being together at home.
“Kate was on the King’s Road not so long ago carrying a shopping bag with chicken in it that she was taking home to cook for William’s supper. That’s their idea of the perfect night.

“There’s a happiness in the House of Windsor generally at the moment for the first time ever. Charles and Camilla are genuinely happy. William is happy because Charles is troubled less and he has Kate to share his future with.”[imagebrowser id=1098]



  • Elmo

    Fear not, William and Kate! Romney will DESTROY them!

  • jilly


    • Elmo

      So you look at this article and still type that? IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!!

  • Anonymous

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    • Elmo

      What the heck are you doing? I typed it in and it’s just a shopping site! Screw off!

  • Elmo

    Yo Obama, I know you’re being president and imma let you finish your term, but after that THE ROMNEY-RYAN DREAM TEAM OWNS YOUR FACES!!!!

    • we won

      yo elmo stop molestin’ lil kids…oh and hahahahahaha

  • Big Bird

    only a moron would vote for Romney. Or, apparently, a puppet with a hand up his… back.

    • Info

      “Big Bird” –> screen name suits your mentality

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ECRTIU6E7RRGNJQDQ4OV5QLGHU nigerian_princess

    What a non story. It doesn’t even say what she did to “upstage” her.


    It’s alleged that HRH The Duchess of Cambridge got a bee in her bonnet during the formal reception hosted at Buckingham Palace for all the diplomats, dignitaries, other royals, & heads of state whom had participants in the 2012 Olympics. Mrs. Obama’s fashion sense made headlines around the world thus upstaging Katherine whom was not amused. If that’s true, one ounce of it? That’s a very negative characteristic trait to attach to the royal personage of HRH. Giving Katherine an self importance appearance of one being vain and shallow. Hope it isn’t true.


    Even if there was an additional fauxpaus statement made by Mrs. Obama overheard by HRH. It’s very important that her courtiers staff keep theses matters out of the media. Apparently HRH The Duchess of Cambridge has leaks in her administration already with something as trivial as this making news. It comes with the territory and the job! Get on with it for goodness sake! Up until now HRH has done a superb job. continue on do your duty and fill up the House Of Windsor with an Heir and several spares!

  • Unknown

    There’s a happiness in the House of Windsor generally at the moment for the first time ever. Seems like there predicting something when they use the words in the quote “at the moment.”