Kris Jenner Bribes Kanye West to Marry Kim Kardashian?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

KRIS Jenner only sees dollar signs!

The reality TV momager has apparently offered daughter Kim Kardashian‘s rapper boyfriend Kanye West lots of money to make an honest woman out of the busty brunette.

So Kim, sources say, has fled to Mexico to get away from her controlling mom.

“She blames Kris for setting up her wedding to pro basketballer Kris Humphries, a man she didn’t really love – and who wasn’t an A-list name,” a source said.

“Kanye sees what money Kris can bring to the table… She recently set up another $40 million deal for her daughter’s reality show.”

Recent reports claimed Kim wants to have baby with Kanye, but isn’t so keen on the idea of getting married.

Kim is ready to have babies and talks about it all the time,” a source said.

“Kim is taking “the necessary measures to make it easier to conceive.

“It’s doubtful they will get married, but they are actively trying to have a baby. All their friends and family know.

“Kim has told both her sisters and close friends that they shouldn’t be surprised if she and Kanye elope.”


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  • SharpShooter

    This is a mess of trash and bitches (Kim).

  • Dre

    Stupid, dumb article!  First of all, why would Kayne care about their $40 million that has to be split like 10 different ways over 4 years?  He has his own money and doesn’t need reality show droppings.  Then you say Kim wants to have a baby but doesn’t want to get married but further down have a “source” saying she wants to elope.  First of all, how is the bitch going to elope if she’s still married?  With court dates, she’s got about another six months to a year to go.  And if she wanted a baby so damn bad, why hasn’t she gotten pregnant yet or is she going to use Khloe’s fake infertility line for herself?  And lastly, that whore won’t be pushing no baby out her pussy and mess up all that cosmetic surgery she had on her body.  Get Real!

  • Iamgman67

    I totally agree with Dre……Kayne!!!!!  get you satisfaction from dicking that broad, and enjoy.  Your not the only one sticking her.  And as you see, hr mommt money hungry bitch is basically selly puss fromher daughter.  Mommie may want something you have also Kayne.  She lQQks as if she is needy. Bruce probably can not satisfy the bitch

  • TruthSpeaks

    What a fake report!!! Kanye is RICHER than the entirely KardCashians is with the millions he made from writing/producing for himself and other performers.

  • jilly

    She is not even divorced yet, how could she get married again? Wrong article!